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Are you influenced by any of these cleaning myths? How to debunk them?

When preparing for cleaning, you must separate fact from fiction when discussing old myths. The reality of the truth is that homeowners often believe myths, and that is affecting every aspect of house cleaning in distinct ways. Read on to learn more about cleaning myths and the best ways you can avoid them. It will give you a cleaner house to make you feel better. 

  • Horse chestnuts do not keep spiders away

Well, the verdict is false. Lemon juice, on the contrary, is a viable natural spider repellent. Rubbing a lemon wedge around the openings where spiders may enter the house can be a decent option. You can mix lemon juice with water and spread it around these openings. It will help you get rid of spiders.

  • Feather dusters do not remove dust

The main point is that you must get rid of the dust. Even though feather dusters have been marketed as a viable option to remove dust buildup, they do not work. They only move the dust inside the space but do not absorb it. So experts recommend a reusable damp cloth and microfiber duster, a much better option to eliminate spider webs and dust.

  • Cucumbers have nothing to do with ants

It would have been a better alternative effort to work on the ant. However, this home remedy is no solution. It does not affect ants and does not obstruct their entry into your house. You cannot keep food scraps here and there because they will only attract pests.

  • Bleach is ineffective

Bleach only cleans some things at home. Although people believe that it is a staple for heavy cleaning, it is not so. It is an ineffective option for cleaning the house and services like glass surfaces, greased-covered surfaces, etc.

  • Don’t waste your hairspray on Ink stains

Getting ink stains on clothes is typical for youngsters. However, it has nothing to do with hair sprays. Your hairspray will not be effective in removing ink stains. So there’s no point wasting it on your clothes; you can use high-quality detergents and washing solutions which are much more effective. Along with this, you can use alcohol antibacterial or pure alcohol hand wash that is effective in these areas.

If none of these options is helping out, you may have to make provisions for commercial cleaning of the house. Dusty Shades House Cleaning serving all of Riverside knows the best solutions and has the tools and equipment to help you get the best returns. The trained individuals will take care of everything from your kitchen to your toilet to your bathroom. All you need to do is reach out to reputed agencies who can help you with the necessary services. Discuss with them the different problems and try to grab a detailed report to get the best solution. You may also discuss their upfront cost and payment procedure with them so that you don’t have to deal with the last-minute hassle. Deep cleaning can change the way your house appears to others.