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Discover the natural beauty of Iraq

Discover the natural beauty of Iraq


Are you prepared for a remarkable adventure? Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Iraq tours, where awe-inspiring scenery, rich culture, and history combine to make a trip you won’t soon forget.

The pleasure of setting out on a tour to discover Iraq’s natural beauty will enthral you. Beyond the news headlines, Iraq is a country bursting with breathtaking scenery, undiscovered gems, and a diverse biome. So buckle in as we set out on an unforgettabletrip to Iraq, where nature reveals its spectacular beauty.

Mesopotamian Marshes:

Our first stop is the captivating Mesopotamian Marshes, sometimes called the “Garden of Eden.” While drifting along in a traditional boat, you may experience an exquisite ecosystem of reed-filled streams, lily-covered lakes, and extensive swamplands. The holy ibis and Basra reed warbler are two uncommon bird species in these wetlands and various other plants and animals. This natural beauty gains additional appeal from the Marsh Arabs’ rich cultural history.


As we go towards Kurdistan in northern Iraq, we are surrounded by towering mountain ranges, lovely valleys, and gushing waterfalls. Your senses will be mesmerised by the untamed beauty of the Zagros Mountains, which provide spectacular panoramic vistas and opportunities for exhilarating trekking activities. Gali Ali Beg waterfall, where falling waters plunge spectacularly into a clear pool and invite you for a relaxing dip, should not be missed.

The Al-Ukhaidir Fortress:

The Al-Ukhaidir Fortress is a hidden jewel in the middle of the desert that we come upon as we travel over the vastness of Iraq. This magnificent building, tucked away in a palm grove, is a tribute to the Abbasid period’s outstanding architectural talent. Wander through the maze-like corridors, see the beautiful carvings, and imagine the stories the winds of the desert are whispering. Reflective ponds within the stronghold, encircled by lush gardens, offer a peaceful haven in the desert.

Spiritual Pilgrimage:

Discover the spiritual wonders of Iraq, where millions seek enlightenment in sacred cities. Follow a journey to Karbala, home to the golden-domed Imam Hussein and Abbas shrines, revered by Shia Muslims as guiding lights. Pay your respects at Najaf, the final resting place of Imam Ali, and find peace at its magnificent shrine. Explore the historic monasteries and churches of Alqosh, reflecting the origins of Christianity. The spiritual energy of these holy places will indeed have a profound impact on your soul.

Dukan Lake:

The lake’s spectacular views revealed via boat, are reflected in the tranquil waters below by rugged cliffs. A picture-perfect backdrop for picnics, swimming, and kayaking can be found along the coastline as you explore secluded coves, sandy beaches, and lush woodlands. Get ready to be charmed by the peace that surrounds you.

The Majestic Makhoul Mountains:

As we travel deep into the Makhoul Mountains, get ready to have your breath taken away. For any ambitious photographer, the spectacular landscape of towering peaks, rugged gorges, and lovely valleys serves as their backdrop. Be ready to take beautiful pictures of the artistic creations of nature, with the play of light and shadow evoking an ethereal ambience. If you’re fortunate, a rare wildlife species like the Persian leopard or the long-eared hedgehog might also be seen.

In a nutshell:

In addition to having a rich history, Iraq is home to many breathtaking natural attractions just waiting to be discovered. Iraq’s natural beauty gives an experience that will amaze you for the rest of your life, from mysterious marshes to towering mountains, hidden waterfalls, and desert fortresses. Pack your luggage, explore this magical place, and let Iraq reveal its hidden beauties one magnificent scene at a time. On a memorable trip to Iraq, learn the secret tales of nature’s splendour.