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9 Ways to Prevent Having a Broken Pool Pump

It can be a stressful and expensive endeavor to have your pool pump break, especially if it is winterizing time. But there are many preventative measures that you can take to avoid this fate. If you’re looking for ways to keep your pool pump from breaking down, here are some ways.

1. Use an Automatic Pool Water Monitoring System

Using an automatic pool water monitoring system to keep up with your pool water levels will greatly help prevent a broken pump. This system has sensors submerged in the ground around your pool and monitors the water level in the pool. If the water levels drop, it sends a signal that alerts homeowners about it, and they can check on things.

2. Store the Pump in an Out-the-Way Location

If you store your pump in an out-of-the-way location, it’s more likely that it won’t be knocked over or shimmied out of place by a kid. It will also minimize how many times the pump gets used each month.

3. Use a Pump Cover to Prevent Soiling

Using a cover to cover your pumps will help keep them cleaner and show less wear and tear. It will also keep the pump from being overused if a person knows that they can’t see it, and they’ll be less likely to turn it on.

4. Move Your Pool to a New Location

The location of your pool pump is also important in preventing a broken pump. Moving your pool to a new location will give you better access to the bottom of the pool, making maintenance easier. This will also prevent you from needing pool equipment repair in the long run.

5. Cleaning Your Pump Regularly and Rust Free

Regularly cleaning your pool pump is also important in preventing a broken pump. It will help keep it from getting dirty and rusty and damage it even more if you don’t take care of it. It is the easiest way to predict the life expectancy of your pool pump, so you can plan for how long you want to have it before replacing it or repairing it.

Keeping your pool pump clean and free of rust and debris will prevent it from getting dirty or rusting over time and breaking. It is one of the easiest ways to tell when your pool pump has gotten too old so that you can get a new one.

6. Clean Your Pool Filter Regularly

This is also important in keeping your pool pump from breaking. Cleaning your pool filter regularly and removing any gunk or hair will prevent it from clogging and breaking by siphoning water properly. It can save you money that you’d otherwise need to spend on a new filter cartridge.

7. Use your Pool Pump Only When Necessary and Read Your Owner’s Manual

Using your pump only when necessary will help to prevent it from getting broken and dirty. Not using it too often when it’s not necessary will help to prevent having to clean the pump and filter more often, which adds to the pool maintenance cost.

You should read your owner’s manual to ensure that you are doing everything correctly to keep your pool pump from breaking. It will help to prevent you from breaking or damaging it any further than is necessary.

8. Use a Back-Up Pool Pump

Using a backup pool pump will allow you to stop using your main pump if you’re going on vacation or if you think that it is acting up. It will save you from having someone come out and fix or clean your main pump, which saves you time and money.

9. Clean Out Leaves and Debris Before Shutting Down for the Season

It’s important to clean out leaves and debris from your pool before shutting down for the season. Taking this extra step will ensure that you don’t have any problems with your pool pump starting up in the spring, and it can save you from having to clean it out when you want to use it again.

If you take these steps to prevent having a broken pool pump, you’ll save time, money, and stress. It’s important to follow some of these tips throughout the year to ensure your pool pump doesn’t get broken too quickly.