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12 Wedding Trends for 2023

According to a recent poll, couples planning weddings for 2023 want an even less “conventional” vibe than in prior years. They want to be married and have a wedding, but they aren’t concerned with making a grand spectacle of the occasion. Once again, this year, married people are defying tradition and doing what makes them happy instead of what they should.

Many couples getting married in 2023 choose parks, gardens, farms, barns, and ranch venues for boho, natural vibes to fit the settings. In terms of color palette trends for weddings, shades like burgundy, plum, emerald, gold, and maroon are what we will see this year. Also, having an intimate ceremony and reserving a big display of affection for the reception is something that couples wish for their big day. So, if you are curious about 2023 weddings, here is a list of some new trends.

Unique Wedding Aisles

A long aisle creates a sense of awe and anticipation, paving the way for a spectacular and unforgettable wedding. And for a more meaningful and intimate ceremony, Modern brides walk down the aisle alone and be met halfway by their parents.

Private Ceremonies

Many modern-day couples want to keep the ceremony much more private and save their grand display of devotion for the reception. Intimate ceremonies aim to reduce the nervousness that might arise before publicly declaring one’s love in front of hundreds.

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables are like charcuterie boards to the second power and can feature any of your favorite foods. Another reason grazing tables are a food trend in catering is that it makes people appreciate what it means to break bread together and enjoy delicious food.

Late-Night Snacks

“Late-night snacks are here to stay and will be presented with a unique twist this year. Couples are more likely to base their decisions on the kinds of food they enjoy sharing while on a date or cuddling up to watch a movie at home. As a result, the late-night menu will play a more significant role in the dining experience. KFC, McDonald’s, and many other fast food chains will be served at newlyweds’ after-wedding parties as a part of this catered food trend.

Gigantic Wedding Cakes

It’s good to see the charming tradition of the giant wedding cake coming back. Many engaged couples often choose over-the-top wedding cakes to complement their reception decor. Adding a unique cake topper is a fun way to make the dessert seem more special.


Couples are not shying away from color, embracing thoughtful color references through patterned textiles, illustrations, floral concepts, and custom d├ęcor moments. Colors that are bright and cheerful set a joyful tone. 

Natural-Looking Photos

Like everything in the wedding industry, trends significantly affect photography styles. The newest trend in wedding photography is candids and natural light. This style, often known as editorial or documentary photography, avoids postures and concentrates on imperfections. However, couples are less concerned with having things look flawless and more interested in having their photographers record the day with minimum guidance or interruptions. Also, blur-motion photography, which captures movement, is set to gain popularity.

Unconventional Welcome Parties

Most couples now opt for weekend-long destination weddings, which means hosting guests Friday and Saturday nights. Gathering guests for a midday event has greatly complemented destination wedding weekends, whether a traditional field day or beach soccer match followed by a BBQ lunch. It serves as an excellent icebreaker for people of all ages.

Retro Style Bar After-Parties

Wedding planners started incorporating this into after-parties to surprise and excite guests while creating a new food and beverage experience. The menu can include cocktails like mojitos, bee’s knees, gin rickey, Tom Collins, and Hemingway daiquiris. Hidden doors leading to a secret lounge setting with a customized bar station are a terrific way to break up the evening and capture wonderful post-party pictures.

Grace Kelly-Inspired Bridal Fashion

Grace Kelly’s wedding gown, primarily regarded as one of the most famous dresses in fashion history, is still being interpreted today. These days, brides opt for a more classic look for their wedding styles, and Grace Kelly’s wedding dress inspires many. A longer veil is another fashion trend that has gained popularity.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

We no longer live in a time when bridesmaids all wear the same outfit. Instead, the modern trend for brides is to have their bridesmaids wear various dresses that don’t match each other in design, fabric, or color. The style makes it possible to focus on every bridesmaid and provide attire that truly makes her happy.

Disposable Cameras 

What was once old has become new again. It was common for couples to put a disposable camera on each wedding table for guests to take photographs with. Disposable cameras will be popular in 2023. However, with the rising expense of film and photo production, more couples are electing to provide disposable cameras to their wedding party to capture the occasion.