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5 Affordable Christmas Present Ideas For Your Friends

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

Christmas is a time for giving, and it can be difficult to find a creative and affordable gift for your friends. Sure, you could run to the store and pick up something generic, but why not make your gift stand out by taking the time to come up with something special? To help you out, here are five creative and affordable Christmas present ideas that will be sure to surprise your friends. From a custom photo collage to a DIY terrarium, these gifts will show your friends just how much you care. So get creative and have some fun, and don’t forget to make your Christmas presents as unique as your friendships!

Custom Photo Collage

If your friends are close enough to you to deserve a Christmas present, then they are probably close enough to be included in a photo collage! If you have a favorite picture of your friends (or a few different ones), then you can put that photo together with some other images to create a custom photo collage for your friends. You can either print this out or create a digital collage online. You can also use your custom photo collage as a gift card to let your friends know that you want to hang out with them again!

Movie Night Gift Basket

If your friends love to watch movies, then they will love a movie night gift basket! You can find pre-made gift baskets or make your own. Put together a basket with some snacks, a few DVDs that you know they like, and a gift card to a local movie theater. This gift is perfect for both friends who live close to you and for friends who live far away. You just have to get creative with how you send it!


Merino wool socks make an excellent gift because they are something that people don’t usually buy for themselves. Socks are also easy to find at most stores. You can choose a general color scheme or find socks that match each of your friends’ individual personalities. A pair of fancy socks can be just as nice as a pair of expensive shoes but without the hefty price tag. You can also pair socks with a gift card or gift box to make them even more special.

Handmade Soap

To make handmade soap, all you have to do is get some soap base and some fragrance oils and colorants (if you want colored soap). You can get the soap base from a craft store and fragrance oils (which you can also get from a craft store) can be made from essential oils so they’re also good for your skin. You can either use cookie cutters to make special shapes or you can leave the soap in its original shape and use natural coloring to make different colored soaps. You can put handmade soap in glass mason jars to make them look even more special!

Personalized T-Shirt

A personalized T-shirt is a gift that your friends are sure to remember. You can get creative by making a T-shirt for each of your friends with a special message on it. You can also make T-shirts that show how much you care about certain issues or support certain people. There are plenty of websites that make it easy to design your own T-shirt, and most of them have very affordable prices.


There are plenty of fantastic Christmas present ideas that don’t have to break the bank. If you have a friend who loves to laugh, making them a hilarious hand-made card or buying a funny T-shirt they can wear again and again is a great, cheap gift. Or if you have a friend who is obsessed with a certain TV show, gifting them a piece of merchandise related to it will be right up their alley. And if you have a friend who loves home decor, gifting them a beautiful plant or decorative pillow will be a great gift that they’ll appreciate every day.