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6 Gift Ideas to Get Your Family This Christmas

A lot of people have at least one family member that is always a bit of a challenge to do holiday shopping for. This guide has been conceived of as a possible cure to such Christmastime conundrums and presents a solid six solutions to shopping for difficult family members.


There’s an adage that goes something like “What do you get for the person who has everything?” and there is some science that agrees that experiences tend to be more warmly received by people than most physical gifts. If you are looking to really wow a family member, consider signing them up for something like a hunting trip, a Broadway performance, a day at the spa, or whatever else you think they would like and involves more than giving them a physical item.

Beauty Treatments

Hereditary hair loss is a common ailment that can strike our siblings or parents. To that end, you might consider gifting a hair loss serum to anyone you know who has been having a hard time keeping their locks with age. Such a gift shows that while you understand that the family member is worried about their hair, you are actively giving them a way to reverse the issue rather than cover it up with something like a hat or wig.

Subscription Service

Anyone who has watched their fair share of streaming content on YouTube has likely seen the YouTuber promoting a subscription service. These services are often constructed with a common theme, be it meals, a certain ethnic culture or even several items all themed around a certain vibe like “manliness” or “style.” Gifting a family member a subscription to this sort of offering can show that you care about them while also giving them a regular surprise as they may only have a limited idea of what each installment will offer.

Gift Cards

While some might argue that you can always gift cash or a check to a person, outright money has no personality and does not convey any sense of awareness about what interests the gift recipient has. A gift card, on the other hand, shows that while you may not have the best ideas for what to get that person you can at least show them that you know their tastes. For example, you might be in a situation where you don’t know someone’s relevant clothing sizes but you know that they fancy a particular clothing store; gifting them a gift card specific to that store can show that you care enough to know what they like but trust them to figure out the specifics on their own. Just do your gift recipient a favor and try to pick cards that have generous policies on using them.

Self-Made Gifts

While you have probably long eclipsed the age where it would be passable to gift your parents a picture made of pasta, nothing is preventing you from gifting your beloved family members something that came from your own hands and mind. The best examples of this sort of gift can include poetry written about its recipient, custom music playlists, video projects focusing on a parent’s notable accomplishments and exploits, etc.


If you are feeling truly extravagant in your desire to gift something to your family members, there are few things more impressive than land except possibly land that already has a structure built upon it. This sort of gift might be the perfect thing for parents who are just about to hit retirement age and you want to give them a slice of heaven in whatever country you overhear them fondly discussing. Alternatively, you may wish to give it to a sibling who is about to undergo a major life shift like graduation or marriage and still needs a place of their own.

Wrapping a Bow On Things

If you were ever stumped for gift-giving ideas for your family, we hope this list has inspired some notions. Whether you are feeling extravagant and want to give land, favor a cheaper and heartfelt homemade gift or fall somewhere in the middle and think of beauty treatments, experiences, gift cards or the recurring surprise of a subscription service, chances are good that at least one of these topics should cover your familial gift needs.