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Top Reasons To Buy NATO Watch Strap

Some things that come out of the military are just downright cool and they have become popular in today’s society. Take the WW2 Jeep, this was cool and now it has paved the way for most 4×4 vehicles. You’ve also got the swiss army knife, and now you have the final piece that has become increasingly popular the NATO watch strap. The NATO watch strap is the pinnacle of military tech that has brought a tad of nostalgia to some. It’s practical, military-inspired and will last you a lifetime. In this article, we will go through some of the top reasons to buy a NATO watch strap. 

The history of NATO straps

The first NATO watch strap was first created in the early 70s by the Ministry of Defence. It was first called the G10 as this was the form that needed signing before you got a strap. The reason why it got its name NATO was that it had a NATO stock number. It only came in one colour and one width. Now you can have custom colours and widths to suit your need. 

What is the difference between a NATO and ZULU strap?

The NATO watch strap has become increasingly popular in recent years. With more people being active, it’s no surprise why! ZULU straps are often confused with NATO straps but they are quite different to one another. The ZULU strap has one long strap and is made of thick nylon fabric and round buckles. The NATO strap has an additional strap that goes through 2 lugs which then creates a double strap under the watch for extra support and protection.   

Benefits of NATO straps

NATO straps aren’t just for affordable watches

Just like how Omega created their NATO watch strap collection. NATO watch straps are not just for affordable watches that you don’t want to get damaged. You only have to look at social media for a couple of minutes before you see some NATO strap made by micro companies ending up on some luxury Rolex or Patek-Phillippe. 

Many argue the fact that you can’t put a cheap strap on a luxury watch as it makes the overall watch look cheap, this is not the case at all. If your luxury watch looks cheap on a NATO, then it’s the watch that is the problem and you should have chosen better. Many styles and colours are available and they are made from a premium material. 

NATO straps are comfortable

Some watches can often be uncomfortable if they have a metal bracelet, and leather watches can also often be slightly uncomfortable when they are in contact with heat. The great thing about NATO watch straps is the fact that they make every watch comfortable. Not every watch looks better on a NATO, but sometimes, if the occasion calls for it, comfort is better than style. The strap has this magic ability to take all the weight out of the watch, even with large faces. There are a couple of types of NATO straps, and some have very tight weaving which at first makes them very stiff, but once they soften up, it will be the comfiest watch strap you will ever wear. 

NATO straps are of great value

If you are an avid watch strap collector you will know that it can come with a hefty price tag. The great thing about a NATO strap is they come at an affordable price. Yes, there are some expensive alternatives such as the Omega NATO strap, but all you are doing is paying for the logo. There is an abundance of micro-businesses out there that offer NATO watch straps at a fraction of the cost and are often much better quality due to them all being handmade. You could opt for a Zulu Alpha strap that is handmade and created by ex-military forces enabling them to give the best quality needed for all terrain. 

NATO straps come in a range of colours and styles

If you like to change it up a little, it can be difficult with a leather strap or a metal bracelet as they require pins to remove the strap. The great thing about NATO watch straps is the fact that they come in a range of styles and colours to match your outfit for the day. They were once just made from nylon, but now they come in a range of materials including rubber and polyester. Having a couple of NATO straps will ensure that you have a watch that goes with your outfit of the day as they can be changed over in less than 30 seconds.