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Are You Worried That the Backyard Tree Is Damaged? The Warning Signs You Need to Watch Out 

A dead tree will always pose a threat to you and your family members. Whether the tree is deceased, leaning, or broken, it will become more dangerous if you let it sit for a long time. If you have a tree in your backyard that you think is damaged, you need to contact a professional tree removal company. 

However, many people don’t know whether it’s best to remove the tree or not. This is because some diseases or problems can be cured and you don’t need to remove the tree. Here are the common signs that the tree needs to be removed. 

The Tree Is Completely Dead 

You might find it hard to believe that an old and beautiful tree is dead. However, just like all living things, their lifespan is not infinite and they have to expire as per their health and condition. If you’re not noticing signs of blooms in your tree, assume that it’s dead. 

You might also notice signs of decay in your tree. Drying and rotting are some of the most common symptoms of a dead tree. If you have had a dead tree in your backyard for a long time, it’s time to contact Herford’s Tree Care serving all of Portland, ORThey will remove the dead tree from your property professionally. 

Remember that a dead tree is extremely dangerous. The branches can fall off and they damage your house or even hurt you or your family members. A dead tree will come down. As this fact is inevitable, make sure you contact us and we will remove the tree properly. 

You Notice Signs of Damage 

Trees are super strong. They are capable of withstanding the harshness of weather elements as well as outdoor elements without any problem. However, there is a limit to their durability. Sometimes the trees won’t be able to defend themselves from the outdoor elements any longer. 

If you notice visible signs of storm damage in your tree, you need to call the professionals as they will determine the degree of damage. Only a professional team is capable of telling their condition as well as their health. 

If the tree is severely damaged, these professionals will also help you remove them from your backyard. However, if the damage can be controlled, you don’t need to worry about removing the tree. Unfortunately, when a storm damages your tree, it might not be able to recover or regenerate. A damaged tree is as dangerous as a dead one. Hence, make sure you remove it by contacting professionals. 

The Tree Is Leaning 

Some trees will start leaning on their own. These trees look gorgeous in terms of their appearance and shape. Naturally leaning trees will boost the appearance of your outdoor area and make your landscape look more charming and whimsy. 

However, if the tree starts leaning after going through a storm like never before, you need to be careful and start paying close attention to the condition of the tree. As per Home guides, wind can make a tree lean. If you think the tree could fall, make sure you remove it. 


These are the signs you need to remove a tree as soon as possible. Don’t forget to contact us and we will help you.