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Custom coffee

5 Great Drinks You Can Make With Speciality Coffee Beans

Custom coffee is a wonderful treat that you can enjoy any time of day. If budgets are tightening and you need to prep your coffee at home more often, you can still enjoy your favorites. You may also be trying new food recipes at home; add these coffee recipes to your routine!

  • Cold Brew

If you love a cup of mild cold brew and enjoy batch cooking, try making your cold brew in warm sous vide bath on the weekend. All you have to do is prep your cold brew in the regular ratio, which is 1 part coffee to 8 parts water.

Mix up several batches of cold brew in mason jars and place them in sous vide water bath at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. After 2 hours, you will have a collection of mild cold brews ready to consume within 7 days. If you prefer a milder brew, set the sous vide timer for just 90 minutes. Prep these with a custom blend of specialty coffee beans such as Blend 109, which has a gentle citrus flavor.

  • Ethiopian Roast

If you love a dark Ethiopian Roast, you can make it sparkle with a touch of chocolate and peppermint. Your custom creamer can also be given as gifts! This also pairs beautifully with steamed milk or hot chocolate; do invest in a non-alcoholic peppermint extract so folks can share this with mint lovers of all ages.

You only need a bit of cocoa powder, powdered sugar, powdered creamer, and peppermint extract. Run the dry products through your food processor and slowly add the liquid extract until fully blended. Place in a pretty jar, add instructions, and give this out over the holidays.

  • Cafe au Lait

Cafe au Lait is a French coffee served with steamed milk that uses chicory. Chicory is a non-caffeinated root that can be roasted and chopped up to function like ground coffee. If you love a strong dark roast but need to back off the caffeine content as the day goes on, consider replacing a bit of your ground coffee with chicory and making a pot of pour-over in the afternoon.

Brewed chicory coffee can have a bite to it. Making a pot of pour-over directly into a thermos will take the edge off. To make an even better treatment of it, add warm vanilla almond or coconut milk. Of course, it is delicious with fried beignets!

  • Cha Phe Sua Da

If you need to plan a long night of work or study, a cup of Cha Phe Sua Da or creamy, sweet Vietnamese iced coffee will boost your energy and keep you moving. All you need is a French Press, sweetened condensed milk, and a flavorful roast. Add a bit of the milk to the bottom of your iced coffee glass, prep your French Press batch, and blend the coffee into the sweet milk.

This can then be poured over ice or enjoyed warm. If you want to put this over ice, consider putting it in a thermal up that you can seal and shake or turn as you drink. The sweetened condensed milk can settle out and limit your enjoyment of your coffee as you get to the bottom. If you can find a Vietnamese restaurant that will serve this from a traditional Vietnamese French Press tool, the coffee will drip right into the milk. Yum!

  • Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a straight-up rich brew that you blend with Bailey’s or Irish whiskey. To make this even more enjoyable at the end of the day, prepare your coffee with a high-quality decaf bean. Go ahead and make this drink even more special by adding a drip of peppermint syrup and whipped cream.

A cup of Irish Coffee can be a wonderful dessert or wind-down drink at the end of the day. Presentation is key. If you have pretty clear glass mugs, carefully drizzle in the Bailey’s at the table and add a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream before handing the cup over.

Great coffee can be a wake-up, a pick-me-up, or a celebration tool for getting through a long week. Quality beans are a critical first step. No matter your favorite roast or caffeine content, invest in great beans and care for them per expert recommendations to maintain flavor.