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The best typewriters for authors and writers

Typewriters have been around since the 1800s, and while they might not be as popular as they once were, they’re still used to this day by many people. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best typewriters for writers, based on their features and what type of writer they are. Whether you’re an author who needs to produce a lot of writing in a short amount of time, or you’re just starting out with your remote working set up and need a typewriter that’s easy to use, we’ve got you covered!

Why do authors still use typewriters?

Typewriters have been around since the 1800s, and for a good reason. They’re simple to use, easy to store, and can be used on just about any type of paper. In this article, we’ll explore why the manual typewriter is still popular among authors today, and what advantages they offer over more modern writing tools.

Typewriters remain popular because they are affordable and easy to use

Typewriters remain popular because they are affordable and easy to use. They can be used for personal or professional purposes, and they are easy to store. Typewriters keyboards also have a timeless appearance, which makes them popular with authors who want to keep their manuscripts looking retro.

They are not obsolete because they still have a place in the modern world

Despite the internet and technological advances, typewriters are still being used by some authors. There are a few reasons for this. First, typewriters are easy to use and don’t require any special software or hardware.

Second, they often produce a more polished final product because there is no need for formatting or spell checking. Lastly, typewriters can be more affordable than computers, so they may be preferable for smaller projects. The look of a vintage typewriter with its carriage shift and carriage return can make us nostalgic for classic and retro restored typewriters – but can they still do the job?

There are other more modern methods of communication that can be used instead of typewriters

Some reasons people might still use typewriters is because they are nostalgic or because they are cheaper than other methods of communication. Classic typewriters can also be more durable than other methods of communication and can be used in a variety of settings.

Typewriters have a sentimental value for some people

Typewriters have a sentimental value for some people because they are associated with nostalgia. Many retro typewriter enthusiasts and typewriter collectors believe that the unique sound of a typewriter is a nostalgic reminder of simpler times. Typewriters can also be seen as an art form, and some authors still use them to produce beautiful manuscripts.

Typewriters have been replaced by computers for a number of reasons, but one of the most apparent is that typewriters are slow. Even though they’re no longer in widespread use, there are some people who still prefer to type on a typewriter because it’s more nostalgic or simple to use.

If you’re someone who still enjoys using a de luxe typewriter, be aware that you may be at an advantage when it comes to certain job applications. Use this information wisely and don’t let it keep you from getting the career you want!

What to consider when purchasing a typewriter

When it comes to purchasing a typewriter, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, what type of writer are you? Do you need a simple typewriter that can be used with a word processing program, or do you need a typewriter that is just as suitable for handwritten drafts and that is ultra portable?

Additionally, what format do you prefer your manuscripts in? Do you need a typewriter that can handle double-spacing, or does spacing not matter as much to you? Lastly, what budget are you willing to work within? Are you looking for the best typewriter on the market, or will something more affordable be ok in your purchasing decision?

Here are some of the best typewriters for writers based on their particular needs:

If you need a computer-friendly portable typewriter that can be used with a word processing program, then the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard/Mouse Typewriter is perfect for you. This machine supports double-spacing and has an adjustable carriage for greater accuracy. Additionally, it has a built-in pointing device and backlight for increased visibility in low light conditions. However, this machine is more expensive than some of the other options on this list.

The best typewriters for writers

There are a lot of great typewriters on the market for writers. Some typewriters are designed specifically for use with writing, while others can be used for any type of writing. Whichever typewriter you choose, make sure to take into account your specific needs as a writer.

The best typewriters for writers generally have three features in common: they’re fast, easy to use, and have good key feel. Here are four of the best typewriters for writers available on the market today:

1. Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter

This typewriter is a traditional design that’s been around since the 1964 and was made until 1977. It has a fast typing speed and a good key feel, which makes it perfect for authors and writers who want a simple machine that produces high-quality text.

2. IBM Selectric II typewriter

The Selectric II was one of the first electric typewriters to become popular on the market. It has a very fast typing speed and is also easy to use thanks to its simple design. This machine is great for writing long pieces or editing multiple drafts of a manuscript at once. it is also worth looking at the German Olympia SM2, the Hungarian 1976 Hermes 3000 and the American brand Smith Corona.


Typewriters are an essential tool for any author or writer. The best typewriters allow you to produce high-quality documents quickly and easily, without having to worry about formatting or other formatting issues. They also make it easy to track your progress and see how your writing is improving over time. If you’re looking to buy a typewriter and therefore the best typewriter for your needs, be sure to check out our selection of models.