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Reasons Why Personalised Puzzles are the Best Gifts to Give Anyone

Are you a gifter? Hmm! If so, you are always looking for “something exciting”. But, you won’t deny that often gifts get repetitive after a while. Predictable! Coffee mugs, movie-centric franchise, a card, a bouquet – move over! We need something more unique, right? How about a personalised puzzle?

If you have gifted personalised clothes and a wallet, this could take your gifting prowess to heights. Personalisation is key to making your loved ones feel special. This much we have established with our experiences. However, what you personalise matters too. Just a photo on that mug isn’t enough. Gift them something that excites them and makes them go WOOOWO! 

A personalised puzzle could be that!

Here’s why personalised puzzles are great presents for anyone you can think of and have to profess your love too. We have a whole list of reasons made for you, and we are sure by the end of it, you will be ordering your first personalised puzzle: 

1. A present for the brain: 

Puzzles are mentally stimulating, to say the least, and it doesn’t even have to be a big board. You could go for something tiny or moderate based on how much your person likes a puzzle. 

Research points out that solving puzzles is linked with delayed mental aging. They help keep the brain young and busy. Not only do puzzles help with delayed mental aging, but also your language and motor skills are significantly improved with jigsaw puzzles in Australia. This makes for a great present, which isn’t just fun but also functionally useful. 

2. It’s fun too!

Imagine sitting down on the floor with the puzzle pieces all splattered around you, solving them with friends and close ones. Depending on how complex the puzzle is, you could aim at spending anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. 

The best part is by the time you are done solving it, you will be left with a huge smile on all your faces and a new memory made. 

3. A truly personalised present!

If you are someone who loves to think out-of-the-box, it doesn’t get better than personalised puzzles. When it comes to a personalised puzzle, you could take a favourite picture from travel you have done together or a mundane memory and break it into a mosaic. You can also create a collage with many photos. This could be a unique idea! No one would have ever presented them with memory in such a close and cute way. It becomes not just a memory but also a personalised souvenir of it! Nostalgic, right?

4. Repeated utility:

Though once you have solved a puzzle, you know how it ends, playing the same old game again and again doesn’t have to be dull, especially when you are putting all the pieces together to make a full-frame that you cherish. When you transform a pic into a puzzle, solving it anytime, you are bored or missing that person is a feel-good act. 

5. Use it as a photo:

Once the puzzle has been solved, it can be framed and hung on the wall that you clearly see every day. This will be a sweet reminder of a cherished day, actually 2 – one that the memory from the puzzle is and the other of solving the puzzle. 

6. Creativity is your limit: 

You get to choose from various types and formats of puzzles. A collage puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle, a 100-piecer, a 10000-piecer, it’s all possible. When you personalise an experience, you also get to pick the material, the glossiness, and the inside jokes that you want to be placed on it. 

7. Get it made near you:

Puzzles Australia is an old, trusted name in creating personalised puzzle pieces for the whole of the nation. With budget-friendly options available, whatever is your requirement, they can be met comfortably and delivered right to your address. 

Click on the links hyperlinked above to reach out to them. 


If you are looking to present something unique and beautiful to your loved ones, choose a present that reminds them of the fondest memories they have. Make a mark and not just a formality! We hope this article helps you understand how personalised mysteries can be a great present for any event. Happy puzzle solving!