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How do you know if you should get divorced?

How do you know if you should get divorced?

Here are 5 ways to know it’s time to leave:

  1.  Your partner puts pressure on you to drink each evening.

If you find yourself at the point where you are really trying to make a change in your life?  Trying to lose weight or get a better job and you know that you would really benefit for not having the nightly bottle of wine with your other half, the this might be a sign it’s time to leave that relationship.  If they are moaning or tutting when you try to refuse that first nightly glass of wine, you might think you should get divorced, and it might be a sign that they like you being on the chunky side or in a dead-end job, so they know you are not going to leave them any time soon. 

  • Your other half and you only seem to have eating in common.

If the only highlight in your life now seems to be having a takeaway with your husband or wife or going out for a meal where you can eat pasta and cake, then this might be a sign that you are lacking something in the partnership.  Have a think if you took away the food and shared pleasure of over consuming, would there be anything left to do together?  What do you really have in common?  Do you have any hobbies that you share?  If all you do is go from the ice cream to the chippy and then back to the corner shop for a family bag of Doritos each, then this is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

  • If you like secret eating.

Do you find yourself looking forward to time alone where you can sit and watch for favourite box set and savour an enormous bag of roasted peanuts? Do you love it when your partner is away, and you get to eat a massive pizza all by yourself?  It may be that you like to make sure that you are not making the best of yourself so that you know you won’t be leaving your partner any time soon.  Sometimes looking amazing and feeling great can be scary because if you start getting some attention from somewhere it may mean you have to do something about the rubbish relationship that you find yourself in.

  • Are you always hanging out in a group who live to eat and drink?

If you find that there are rarely any times in your relationship that you spend alone, then this might set alarm bells ringing too.  So how do you know if you should get divorced?  Well, you need to ask yourself if you could manage without each other.  Will this relationship last for the next 30 years, especially if you didn’t always have the buffer of all these eating and drinking mates to ease the fact that you have nothing in common anymore.

So, should you get divorced just yet if you have answered yes to all the points above?  Well, there is maybe a great question that you need to ask yourself which is if I am still married or living with this person when I am 60, and I don’t leave them now will I look back and regret it?  This is maybe quite powerful to think about being in this relationship and feeling very lonely in your old age? It can be scary to make the break and change your life.  It can be terrifying to be looking and feeling your best and starting to live life to the full when you have been in such a dull place for so long.  But if you have asked the question “how do you know if you should get divorced” more that 5 times in the last year, then please start to make some changes to your life as soon as possible.

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