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3 Popular Materials to Make Your Welcome Home Banners – Which is the Best?

Welcoming a family member or friend back home after a long time apart is always a special feeling. These occasions are so special that words alone do not justify their importance. That’s why people use custom-printed banners to portray their feelings to the people they’re welcoming back. These banners are called welcome home banners.

From soldiers to foreign students – thousands of people are welcomed back to their homes with these amazing banners. Naturally, these special banners leave lasting impressions on whoever is at their receiving end. Do you want to convert the homecoming of a friend or a family member into an unforgettable event? Then, get these banners now.

But, before you buy such banners for your loved ones, consider your options. The ‘right’ banner should be made of the ‘right’ material. When searching for the ‘right’ banner material, what qualities should you look for? They include –

  • Visual appeal
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Weather-resistance
  • Ease of installation

The material of your custom banners will impact their overall quality. Currently, there are three banner materials that customers widely use. They are – vinyl, mesh, and polyester. Each of these materials has something different to offer. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each to determine which banner material is the best for you.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is by far the most common banner material in the market. That’s mainly because vinyl banners are extremely durable despite being very cost-effective. These banners can be installed indoors and outdoors. They can resist fading, sunlight damage, and water damage. These banners are UV-resistant. They don’t crack due to long periods of sunlight exposure.

Water particles that drop on vinyl banners simply roll-off. Plus, vinyl is a “print-friendly” material. Users can easily custom-print clear letters, design elements, and colors on their vinyl banners. However, improper storage or unchecked use can cause wrinkles to appear on your vinyl banners.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are highly wind-resistant. That’s why these banners are typically used at outdoor events. The fibers of mesh banners are very strong. They allow wind to blow through them. Hence, the wind doesn’t blow through these banners or negatively affect their appearance.

However, unlike vinyl banners, mesh banners aren’t water-resistant. They can get completely drenched during heavy rainfall. That’s why whenever it starts raining, users must bring their mesh banners indoors. Still, mesh banners work well in dry and windy areas.


Polyester fabric is another synthetic material used to manufacture cost-effective and durable welcome banners. Banner manufacturers typically use dye sublimation printing to produce polyester banners. In this printing technique, the ink is absorbed by the fabric. Hence, polyester banners can be customized with bright and dynamic prints.

They are scratch-resistant, and they retain their aesthetic appeal even after several months of use. Some of the latest versions of polyester fabric are now eco-friendly. These posters can be recycled and repurposed.

Which Banner Material is the Best?

In terms of overall performance, vinyl banners are the most cost-effective. But, the other two materials are also good.