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Why Proving Paternity An Important Factor In Child Custody Cases?

Many people need to learn about or understand the importance of this, which can lead to various problems. First, you may wonder why proving paternity is essential and how it could affect you. If you take a step back and consider how many people are involved when someone has children, it’s not hard to see that many questions can arise. Usually, when someone mentions that they are trying to prove their paternity, they mean that they are trying to establish legal rights as a father for their children. One might also hear the term used about custody cases where there has been an assumption made by one party or both parties that someone other than the presumed father had fathered a child.

  • Father-Child Relationship:

The potential father-child relationship is the most crucial reason to prove paternity. If a child is not documented as having a father, their chances of achieving social and emotional stability are significantly reduced. The child will lose their self-worth, see himself or herself as inferior, and eventually, realize that they don’t have a place in society. 

The relationship between children and their parents or guardians is a significant relationship for them to have in life. It provides much-needed guidance, security, and direction for them as they grow up; it can impact their future decisions by providing clear advice on how to live their lives.

  • Custody and Visitation:

The courts decide custody and visitation based on what they feel is in the child’s best interests. Children are taken away from their birth parents and placed in foster homes or with relatives. You can also trust fathers rights attorneys at Jensen Family Law. When a person is not documented as the father of a child, this can cause an unfair advantage to be given to the other person involved in their life (if there is one).

  • Relief from Support:

A man who has fathered a child must provide financial support for them. If he has never been documented as the father, he might be relieved of this responsibility; however, if his name was left off accidentally or intentionally, his duty of providing financial support may continue.

  • Access to Information:

If a child has already been adopted, then the person being kept from the family will only be able to access some basic information about them. However, in most cases, if a man has been presumed as the father for any period, he will be able to fill out all of the necessary paperwork and provide full access to his children’s personal information.

  • Medical:

If the mother fails to name someone as the father of her child, then he might be kept away from all of the information regarding their health, even if they are sick or hurt. He will also be unable to update his contact information when an emergency occurs and they are hospitalized, particularly if they are transferred from one medical facility to another.


In general, proving paternity is necessary because it gives a child a clear sense of identity. It allows them to see themselves as having something that makes them unique and helps them to identify with their other family members. It also allows them to contact the parent who’s been documented as the father of the children they know, no matter how much time has passed since they were born.