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Why Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned Professionally Before a Tenant Moves In?

As a landlord, keeping your house clean is especially important for your property. Who else knows better than you that a rented property’s condition is different from that of a normal household? It has various people staying and leaving every short period of time. And everyone has their own style of maintaining cleanliness under the same roof.

So during this frequent use of your property, the element of your home that suffers the most is your carpet. In such conditions, normal carpet cleaning is not sufficient. You’ll certainly need to get your carpet cleaned professionally by hiring a professional that provides quality carpet cleaning in London.

Additionally, reviving your home and giving your carpets a professional cleaning becomes all the more necessary for you when a tenant visits you. Else why would you like to spoil your well-built property’s reputation just because of a messy carpet?

So let us see how it can be beneficial for you to get your carpets cleaned professionally before your house gets a visitor/tenant.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Before Tenant Moves In

1.     Good for your health

The biggest benefit of investing in carpet cleaning is it is good for your health, and your tenant’s too. Different people visit your property every now and then. Its frequent use by the tenants living there makes the carpet really dirty and full of germs. These germs obviously spread in the air making it polluted and disease-causing.

Think about the impact it will have on the health of your potential tenant. So it is better to get your carpets cleaned professionally before a tenant moves in. This will help you provide the tenant with a healthy environment to stay in. You’ll also reap the benefits of your home with fresh air.

2.     Good impression on tenant

A neat and clean carpet in your house will surely make a good first impression on your tenant and visitors. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned implies that you care for your property. And they will respect you for the good maintenance of your home.

One thing is for sure, your tenant will tick the cleanliness point in his checklist while judging your property. Adding to that, a professionally-cleaned carpet also adds beauty to your house. So build a good impression by investing in a good carpet cleaning service before a tenant moves in.

3.     You get what you give

When you, as a landlord, don’t bother about cleanliness, how can you expect the tenants to maintain your property well? Start the deal with a professionally cleaned carpet before your tenant’s visit.

This will also indirectly instruct the other party to take care of your property similarly. Whereas by not investing in its cleaning, you show them that it is allowed to be reckless. So give them your house in a spick and span state and get it in the same well-maintained state.

4.     Added value to your property

A tidy property with professionally-cleaned carpets will get good reviews and feedback. People will like staying on your property and will also recommend it to others. This way, the value of your property will increase while attracting more tenants to your clean and well-maintained house.

5.     Mental peace and productivity

Cleanliness directly affects our mental state. When you don’t get your carpets professionally cleaned, your tenants and even you will have a hard time having a focused and productive mindset. When the outer environment is messy, your mind will also feel unorganized.

Also, by getting your carpets clean, you’ll be able to fulfill your tenants’ expectations of having a conducive environment for focused work.

6.     Helps in overlooking flaws

Now here is a trick. When a major part of your flooring (i.e., your carpet) is clean and neat, it will grab all the attention. If you are worried about small flaws in your property upon your tenant’s visit, this can help you a bit. It is possible that the tenant might overlook/ignore other small flaws considering the cleanliness factor being fulfilled.

So get the carpets cleaned professionally and perhaps, it may help some ignorable shortfalls to be invisible. Note that the target here is not to deceive a tenant; it’s just a way to help cleanliness get noticed.

7.     No hassle of cleaning it yourself

With a tenant moving into your property, you may handle a lot of tasks to pre-set up the home well. But by investing in professional carpet cleaning, you can rest assured about the carpet cleaning. You won’t have to exert yourself in the cleaning process, and you’ll get your carpets cleaned with professional accuracy.

8.     Odor and rodents at bay

When your tenant moves into your property, you don’t want any complaints about the rodents and insects that your carpet’s dirt attracts. This is why you should consider professional cleaning of your carpets. It will keep them at bay and also save you from the odor caused by the accumulated dirt.

9.     Long-lasting carpet

One more benefit that professional and regular carpet cleaning can give you is an increase in the life of your carpets. Regular carpet cleaning by professionals will save you from frequently investing in its huge maintenance and sooner replacement.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

With all the above-mentioned benefits, it is clear how beneficial professional carpet cleaning services can be. It is helpful in all aspects: from your life to your carpet’s life. 

Moreover, don’t consider regularly investing in professional carpet cleaning as an expense. Instead, it’s an investment in a good property. And it is completely worth it for both you and your tenants.

So, consider hiring a good carpet cleaning service because a professional service will ensure meticulous cleaning and bright results.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet Professionally?

Cleaning frequency usually depends on the condition of your carpet: how dirty it is. Many times DIY cleaning is not sufficient. The dust and dirt often get deeper into the carpet fabric over time which a normal cleaning cannot remove. Thus it makes a professional deep cleaning essential once in a while. This “once in a while” could differ from home to home. But generally, you should clean your carpets at least once a year.