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Taking an objective view of the vinyl siding

Most home refacing or renovation attempts involve the application of vinyl siding. After all, nothing can defend your home from the elements like this second skin. It enhances the beauty of the façade by giving it a natural wood-like feel. So, if you notice chipped or swollen paint, missing caulking, fungus growth, and others outside, it’s time to change the siding. Dampness inside the home also indicates this. Many homeowners choose this option because it’s now available in different shades. Once you get the right people to install it, you will not need to worry about gusting wind damaging your home unless it’s too strong. Some believe that good quality material can withstand the impact of even 240 mph of wind.

Anyway, Universal Windows direct of Syracuse is best in siding systems in Syracuse, NY. You can seek their guidance and help if you live in this area. Before this, let’s explore some essential aspects of the siding.

  • Cost of vinyl siding

Affordability and customization make vinyl siding the best choice for most homeowners. Material and installation can cost around USD$ 6,000 to USD$ 17,000 on average. Vinyl is far better than its plastic cousin. The designers say it may not even require caulking, repainting, etc. Because it makes excellent contributions to architectural design, you can install one to match your aesthetic aspirations. Remember, the ultimate cost can vary due to certain critical factors, such as home size. For instance, a 1000 sq.ft. home may need more material and labor. Due to this, the cost may vary from USD$3,000 to USD$12,000. The same will increase double-fold if the house is 2,000-square-foot. 

Another exciting thing influencing pricing is the width of the vinyl siding, even if it’s an indirect contributor. Wood siding is usually plank-based, while vinyl comes in panel design. During installation, the panel size matters the most over the individual rows. These panels can be 4-12 inches wide as per the style. If you select wide faux boards, they will likely cost between USD$5.50 and USD$10 per sq. ft. However, 4 or 5-inch panels can be available for USD$2-10.

  • Vinyl siding lifespan

Maintenance and weather conditions decide their fate. The siding can fade early due to extreme UV rays or heat. Likewise, hailstorms and rains can cause issues like mold and moisture, forcing the structure to become weak or crack. However, a moderate climate can be its best friend. Then, taking care of even minor damages from time to time can be a critical step in improving its longevity. The siding can avoid discoloration and wear if you get small holes and cracks repaired occasionally. In this context, one must remember that even correct installation is essential. It will keep the problems like warping and buckling at bay.

Any home improvement project depends on the budget. But things like siding are integral to your nest’s safety and beauty. Hence, it’s worth spending more money now than allowing the damage to worsen and create more financial burdens. Since a reliable contractor can be helpful, you don’t have to look too far for this work.