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How To Store Christmas Lights The Right Way 

I used to save my Christmas lighting in more than one big trunks. It moreover had our garland, embellishes, tablecloth and a unusual nutcracker (I hate those matters).

Usually, my partner handles the holiday setup and tear-down. She loves to make the residence homey and festive.

This three hundred and sixty five days… She have turn out to be out of city at the same time as the lights had been to go out. So, this come to be the first time it fell on my shoulders.

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After an hour of searching for to located the lights once more in their containers, I determined there needed to be a higher manner.

Now allow’s talk a manner to hold your Christmas lighting fixtures in order that they live prepared and comfortable for years yet to come.

How To Choose Christmas Light Storage

Like adorns, Christmas lights want to be saved in a dry, comfortable region. Your urge may be to throw as a good buy as feasible proper proper into a tote.


It’s clean to pile too many on pinnacle of them, breaking a few bulbs.

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To be prepared to area away your decorations, get a discipline or severa boxes and garage boxes. Get as many bins and storage packing containers as you may need to securely keep your Christmas lighting.

This garage method will keep your Christmas lighting fixtures cozy and dry and save you your lighting fixtures from breaking or getting broken.

When taking the lighting fixtures down, untangle them through laying them flat and pulling them out, casting off any bends or kinks.

Don’t skip this step, no matter what type they’re or the way you wish to save them. If you do this it will probably damage your Christmas lights.

You may additionally even use a hanger to securely shop Christmas lights! You also can use a wire reel.

If you saved the arena your lighting fixtures got here in, you could use that, then positioned the field in a storage container or bag for safekeeping.

I’ve stored them properly collectively in a spare storage cabinet in a pinch. The opportunities are countless, and you do no longer want plenty of cash or fancy device to save them.

Let’s communicate about storing Christmas lighting in a number of the maximum famous aftermarket storage boxes. It might cost a hint a touch more, however next year it’s far going to be much less hard to maintain Christmas lighting fixtures!

A Way To Store Christmas Lights

Here are 3 easy strategies to maintain Christmas lighting fixtures—some the usage of objects you may already have spherical your house.

Storing Christmas Lighting Fixtures With Containers

If you have got were given greater packing containers around the house, you can use them to keep Christmas lighting. You do not want to shop for a modern-day day field. If you saved the lights your Christmas lighting fixtures got here in, you are in fulfillment! You do no longer have to placed the lighting fixtures again into the box, but you may use the outside of the field to wrap the Christmas lighting well round it.

Cut  slits out of the sphere and insert the string lights into the slits. Then, wrap the cords round the sector in a spiral way like you’ll with a cord reel. Think of a lawn hose and how you wrap it.

If you make a decision on, you can maintain Christmas lighting in a conventional cardboard container with a few adjustments.

Using a razor blade, reduce the cardboard into numerous smaller rectangles. Alternatively, you can use the rims of the container and virtually reduce them.

Use the rectangles you cut from the world as your base. Cut  slits on the outside of the rectangles. Then, wrap the ropes across the rectangle like a lawn hose and wrap them spherical it slowly and well. It enables if you circulate left to right or right to left.

Some people wrap tissue paper during the lights after they wind them up and placed the lighting internal a storage bin before storing them to similarly protect them from water damage or crushing.

By setting your lighting fixtures in a field after wrapping them, you are sealing out the factors. Wrapping them around cardboard continues your Christmas lighting tangle-free. This might be the very brilliant and least disturbing possibility to be had for storing Christmas lighting.

Storing Christmas Lighting Fixtures With Hangers

Hangers are a brilliant way to wrap your string lighting when you have greater closet location that you need to use for storage. Most houses have greater hangers, so that you do no longer need to shop for some thing.

Take one end of the Christmas lighting fixtures and tuck them proper right into a hook. Next, wrap the lights left to proper across the outside of the hanger. Imagine you are wrapping a garden hose spherical a wire reel. You’ll want to wrap string lighting fixtures in a comparable fashion.

Insert the alternative give up into the hook on the opposite give up of wherein you started. They must look like nicely wrapped threads on a reel.

You can location this hanger in a storage field to maintain your string lighting fixtures cozy from damage and the elements. Sometimes, rodents can devour your lighting fixtures, so retaining them in an airtight area is essential. You can also hold the lighting fixtures to your clothes hangers.

Storing Christmas Lights With a Cord Reel Carefully wind them up, taking high-quality care now not to interrupt or crack any of the lighting fixtures.

I help store place via plugging mild strings into each particular and winding them up as one lengthy, non-stop string.