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Impotence restricts you get an erection or maintaining it until the end. It is often a result of psychological problems. However, it can be due to some physical conditions as well. This condition leads to low confidence levels and self-esteem issues. It is significant to find out the correct reason for ED so that you can treat it with proper impotence treatment.

What are the causes of a weak erection?

Several causes can be responsible for the sexual problems in both men and women. For erection problems in men, various reasons can be liable. They may include physical causes and psychological causes. Moreover, blood flow issues and testosterone deficiency can sometimes be the culprit.

Physical causes

They are the most common causes of weak erection in men. In around 80% of the ED, the physical causes are found to be responsible. However, the common health issues here are-

  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Backbone injury
  • Injury in the penis region
  • Structural deformation in the male organ

Psychological causes

These causes are less responsible for erection problems in men. However, some cases arise because of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, grief, or remorse. These issues affect the nervous system and ultimately impair the procedure of how a man gets firmness.

Blood flow problems

There can be times when a man cannot get an adequate blood flow in his organ. Blood is something, which brings firmness. However, in the absence of sufficient blood, men face a weak erection.

Testosterone deficiency

The hormone testosterone is responsible for various functions in the men body. They include development and body functions. However, when the body faces a scarcity of this hormone, erection may be affected.

After ruling out the cause responsible for your condition, your doctor may begin with your impotence treatment.

What increases the risk of a weak erection?

Apart from the causes, various things and factors can elevate the risk of having or facing erection problems. These aspects may include the following-

  • Family history

The inability to remain firm may run in families. Therefore, if you have a family history of ED, you may become prey to this sexual dysfunction. In such cases, your doctor may help avoid the threat. He may suggest eating a supportive diet and doing regular exercises.

  • Obesity

Obesity is one of the risk factors, which increases the risk of various health problems. Erection problems are one of them. To reduce the threat, you should do regular exercises. In addition, eating a supportive diet and using a weight loss pill can lend you a hand.

  • Smoking

Smoking acts a poison. The harmful chemicals present in tobacco and tobacco products damage the body organs bit by bit.

In the case of ED, nicotine, a dominant ingredient of the cigarette, impairs the blood vessels leading to the penis. It ultimately results in a lack of blood flow in the organ.

Smoking also affects the nervous system. It gradually damages the bodily process of stimulating an erection during sexual intercourse.

In addition, the harmful chemicals in tobacco and its products accelerate the risk of chronic health problems. They may include diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and many others. These diseases are other culprits of ED.

If you are undergoing impotence treatment, quit smoking today to support your healing.

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol

A little drink can help get you in the mood. One glass of wine for women and two glasses for men in a day are considered beneficial. However, if you exceed this amount or take another form of alcoholic drink, you may suffer. Too much alcohol consumption can damage the nervous system and affects erection.

  • Inactive lifestyle

A sedative lifestyle can contribute to blood flow issues in the entire body. It may also include the male organ. The lack of sufficient blood in the penis can result in a weak erection.

In addition, an inactive lifestyle is again a root cause of many chronic health conditions. They may include hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, and thyroid issues. Moreover, these causes contribute to sexual dysfunctions in men.

  • Age

Elderly men are more prone to face a weak erection than younger men are. However, this does not ensure that younger men do not develop ED. It is common nowadays for younger men to face erection problems. Nevertheless, various causes can be responsible for the condition.

In such a condition, eating a supportive diet and doing regular exercises can help win over the age factor.

How does a doctor diagnoses impotence?

You may feel embarrassed while sharing your bedroom problems with a third person. However, if you have a weak erection, reach out to your doctor without a second thought. Experiencing a weak erection at times can be common. A health issue, anxiety, or tension can trigger such dysfunction. However, if you face a lack of firmness almost all the time you want to be with your partner, it may indicate a serious issue. In such cases, you should consult your doctor for impotence treatment.

Before prescribing you any healing remedy, your doctor may diagnose your condition. The tests may help rule out the cause responsible for your inability. The diagnostic tests may include the following-

  • Urine test

A urine test can assist in identifying the underlying cause. A urine test is called a urinalysis. These causes may include diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. These health problems can further lead to a reduced ability to make your partner satisfied.

  • Psychological diagnosis

This test deals with ruling out mental health problems. They may include severe anxiety, depression, or remorse. Here, a psychologist or a counselor may try to find out the psychological issues resulting in a weak erection.

  • Blood tests

It is a frequent diagnostic test, which can rule out the presence of diseases. In the case of ED, a blood test can lend a hand to your doctor in ruling out if you have testosterone deficiency, heart disease, or other health problems.

  • Physical test

In this test, your doctor may look at your testicles, penis, and nerves for vibrations.

  • Ultrasound

Ultrasound can help your doctor identify issues with blood flow. This test creates video images of the blood vessels in the male organ.

What can help in impotence treatment?

There are various treatment methods to get over erection problems. However, the treatment method relies upon the cause responsible for your inability. The common methods used are-


Oral drugs belonging to the medical class of PDE 5 inhibitors can help your ED treatment. These medications may include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra. They work by improving the blood flow in the organ, making it easy to sustain the erection.

Doctors prescribe taking these drugs about half an hour before engaging in sex. It works the best when you make it on an empty stomach. However, if the medication causes side effects, reach out to your doctor as soon as possible.

Potential aftermaths may include-

  • Body pain
  • Digestive problems
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Vision issues
  • Flushes
  • Congestion
  • Severe side effects may include-
  • Prolonged erection
  • Hearing changes
  • Loss of vision

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are fixed over the penis. This rod maintains an adequate supply of blood in the organ. As blood is essential for firmness, these pumps act as a helping hand. In addition, another name of this treatment is penile pumps.

Testosterone therapy

Doctors prescribe this treatment to men who have an insufficient amount of testosterone in their bodies. This hormone is very crucial for development and bodily function. Therefore, maintaining a proper amount helps in getting firmness.

This therapy may involve accelerating the level of the hormone in some ways. Moreover, you can also add supportive foods to your diet to support your impotence treatment.

Psychological treatment

If you have mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or grief, your doctor may refer you to a counselor or psychologist. He or she may try to identify the cause responsible for your condition and begin with your treatment.


Surgery is the last option for ED treatment. Doctors first try to beat the disease with other healing procedures such as medications and vacuum pumps. However, if they do not bring satisfactory results, surgery may be considered.

How can you get over a weak erection naturally?

You can win over this sexual dysfunction by eating supportive foods and doing regular exercises.


Diet plays a vital role in making or breaking your health. For sexual dysfunctions like ED, you can add the following foods to your diet-

  • Olive oil
  • Dark chocolates
  • Nuts
  • Oysters
  • Tomatoes
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Peppers
  • Garlic
  • Watermelon


Doing regular exercises not only boosts your physical health. However, they also improve your overall health. If you face erection problems, doing cardiovascular exercises can help. In addition, you can consider the following exercise-

Pelvic floor exercises

It is a well-working at-home impotence treatment. These exercises provide potency to the muscles responsible for maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse.

You can perform this physical activity in the following way-

  • Stop urination in a midway and try to identify the muscles involved in the process
  • Once you find the right muscles, half of your work is done
  • Now, make these muscles tight for a count of three or five and rest for the same period afterward
  • Perform this physical activity at least three times a day

How can you prevent a weak erection?

Preventing such sexual dysfunctions is not always possible. However, you can do certain things to avoid or put off the threat of complications. If you are already undergoing ED treatment, your doctor may have already told you what to add or what to cut off from your lifestyle. However, some of the things you can do are-

Get moving

Exercises are an excellent way to maintain your overall health. They not only improve your physical health. However, it also helps you stay psychologically well.

Physical activities may assist in improving the blood flow in your body. It also includes the male organ. In addition, they may assist you in avoiding psychological health issues.

Quit smoking

As discussed above, smoking damages the blood vessels leading to your penis. It may affect the blood flow and leads to a weak erection.

Quitting smoking can help you get over your sexual dysfunction. You can seek ways, which can lend you a hand to win over nicotine addiction and support your impotence treatment. However, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), behavioral therapy, cold turkey, and Champix are effective methods to quit smoking.

Limit alcohol consumption

Drinking too much alcohol can affect your stimulation of erection. It damages the nervous system and results in the issue. Limit or cut off your alcohol consumption if you want to prevent ED.

Manage your weight

Obesity can act as a root cause of many health problems. It may also include ED. Losing weight can lend you a hand in getting over your inability. Moreover, a healthy body mass helps in the overall functioning of the human body.

Exercises, which lend you a hand to lose weight, are-

  • Planks
  • Squats
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

These are some common physical activities, which can help manage your weight. However, you can further begin with heavy exercises by consulting your health care provider.

Foods, which can help manage your weight are-

  • Avocados
  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Oatmeal

Weight loss pills are another approach to shed unnecessary calories. However, you should always consult with your doctor before using these tablets. They may cause certain side effects.

Improve your relationship with your partner

Relationship issues can also trigger sexual dysfunction like erection problems and premature ejaculation. Improving your relationship with your partner can prevent such issues.

If you have some problems in your relationship, try to solve the problem yourself. However, if you are unable to do so, look for a counselor to get this over it.

Reduce your stress

Stress, anxiety, and other mental issues can lead to ED. Therefore, beat your stress to support your impotence treatment and live a happy life. Various things can help you in this, such as the following-

  • Practicing yoga
  • Doing meditation
  • Spare some time with your family, friends, and loved ones
  • Doing regular exercises
  • Making time for your hobbies

These are some preventive measures, which can help you put the risk of erection problems at bay. However, if you have such a problem, it is advised to consult with your doctor.