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Easy Morning Activities To Ease Anxiety

Anxiety can feel like the worlds biggest burden and those who suffer from anxiety on a daily basis can find themselves feel like they just want to curl up in a ball and hide away from the day ahead. Many fear the unknown whilst others still worry about the things that have been done and said years previously. Mental health doesn’t have to be all counselling and medication, it can also be remedied with lifestyle habits and routines. In this article, we will go through some easy morning activities that you can incorporate into your morning routine. 

Prepare The Night Before

Having a routine can sound a bit unrealistic if you have a busy morning already but there are some things that can be done to help. Preparing the night before can help you have some spare time in the morning whilst also helping you to have everything in order before you go to bed. This will also encourage a better night sleep due to you not having to think about what you have missed etc. Tasks like preparing your coffee, meals, outfit and having your keys at a safe place the night before can relieve some of the stresses of the morning. Anxiety is also helped with good sleep hygiene, this means no screens before bed, going to bed at the same time each night and also not eating after 8 pm.

Make Your Bed And Let Light In

First thing in the morning, the best way to brush off those cobwebs is to open your blinds or curtains. Let in light and you will start to feel less groggy within 10 minutes. This can be difficult if you are someone who lives somewhere that has regular darker mornings in the winter so blue light can also have the same type of effect. By also making your bed in the morning, it puts you on the right track for the day with your objectives. It is also shown to improve your sleep and the overall mood for the day as it gives you a sense of achievement.

Take Your Vitamins And Eat A Healthy Breakfast

This one seems obvious but missing your breakfast sets you up wrongly for the day. One of the best things to do to help with mental health is to have something to eat. By allowing yourself to have something to eat in the mornings will improve your blood sugar levels which will, in turn, improve your outlook for the day.

It is also beneficial to start consuming more vitamins and minerals. A good multivitamin will help you through the day but for more targeted treatment, aim to go with vitamins such as zinc and vitamin D tablets. Vitamin D helps to regulate your moods which will help with depression and anxiety. This is especially true in those winter months where most people become deficient in the vitamin.

Physical Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins in the body which is proven to help with stress and anxiety. By allowing yourself to do some sort of exercise in the morning will encourage one to feel much more relaxed. This can then also help you to carry on your day as normal feeling much more positive. Whilst also helping your mental health, this will also help you to improve your physical health which will, in turn, help you to feel much more confident in your body.

Make A List Of Your Tasks

If you are one of those who overthink and gets anxious when you have forgotten something, then there is an easy remedy for this. By creating a daily list, it can help you to get all your objectives written down and you can tick them off one by one when complete. This can really help to improve your mood as it gives you a sense of achievement. This helps to plan your day which is all part of personal development. It is easy to forget things when you have such a busy day so it makes sense to create a list so that you don’t. This helps because it removes chaos whilst adding structure to your day.


Meditation is great for the mind and soul as it can help to ground you where you are and encourage you to think of the present moment rather than what the day may hold. Aim to do around 15 minutes of meditation a day and you will start to feel your mind becoming more clear and become more entwined with the present. If you are going to do this, you will need to find somewhere quiet and comfortable and set a timer for your designated time. Start with five minutes and work your way up as it can be pretty difficult at first. If you are a beginner, you can find lots of guided meditation videos and blogs on the internet to help you.