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Silica for Hair: Can It Fight Hair Loss?

As each day passes by, we get older and as we get older, many adverse signs keep on showing in our bodies. Also, because of the increased pollution rates, the process of aging has become more paced, and the abundant and frequent consumption of unhealthy fast foods, too, has made us face several bodily issues. One of the most relevant and common issues that most of the entire globe suffers from is hair loss.

For all of us, our hair is one of the most loved and longed-for body parts. It amplifies our overall beauty and is a way of flaunting ourselves to the world. But, we need to protect our hair from all the adversities that it is facing.

There are many methods available that help you rejuvenate hair thinning and hair loss. But, among the rest of the ways is the use of silica for hair loss. It is a common question among the people who love their hair and want to end their hair loss nightmare: Can silica fight hair loss? We will be answering this ultimate question with the following discussion.

To know whether silica can control hair loss, we must know what benefits it carries for your hair. Therefore, with no further ado, here are the benefits that silica can bestow on your hair.

Benefits of using silica

The following points tell you how using silica for your hair can enrich its quality and save it from thinning out regularly.

● The first advantage of silica is that it influences the hormones. Therefore, when you use silica for any purpose, it may be your hair or skin, which will help your body restore hormonal balance. It is because silica strives to strike a balanced situation between magnesium and calcium present in your body. Consequently, your body gains a balanced state of hormones through silica.

● Silica is the medium through which your skin and hair receive the essential minerals required for proper growth, healing, and rejuvenation. Therefore, with the help of the necessary minerals, your hair and skin, and nails get the source for improving their quality and growth process.

● Silica is one of the elements that help your immune system nourish itself, and therefore, your body gets more challenged for fighting any foreign body. As your body remains safe from any illness, your hair growth automatically boosts up, and the hair thinning process slows down rapidly. 

● You get super glossy hair when you use silica for your hair. It is why babies and small children have the shiniest hair during birth and childhood; they have truckloads of silica in their bodies. 

● Silica helps enhance the working of your cardiovascular system, and thus, intake of silica can help you with better blood circulation all over your body. As your hair follicle gets more and better blood supply, it means that your hair follicles are getting food and oxygen, thereby helping you amplify your hair quality and restore its volume effectively.

How is silica related to the improvement of your hair and stopping hair loss?

After knowing the benefits you receive from silica, you might want to see how those benefits will help your hair regain its volume or even prevent hair loss. We have got your back. The following points tell you how silica benefits your hair.

● Silica is responsible for maintaining hormonal balance in your body by ensuring stability between the calcium and magnesium content in your body. It is the hormonal imbalance among women that causes their hair to thin out, causing excessive hair fall. When you use silica, especially from the bamboo silica supplements, because they contain the full silica content, you restore hormonal stability in your body. Thus, your hair gradually stops thinning out, and eventually, your hair fall stops entirely.

● You get to have glossy hair as you once had during your childhood because silica is the core component for making your hair shine.

Silica carries the minerals and vitamins to your hair follicle that they lack in silica’s absence. Therefore, with the minerals and vitamins, your hair strand gets nurtured and nourished. Consequently, they become strong, and your hair fall nightmare ends.

● As silica helps in improved working of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation in your body enhances. As a result, your hair follicles receive more blood supply. Thus, they strengthen and gradually stop breaking.


There are many sources from which you can get silica, but the bamboo silica supplements have seventy percent of silica which is entirely organic. Also, while you use silica or consume it, ensure that you are taking the appropriate quantity. Therefore, after the entire discussion, it is clear enough that silica helps you stop hair thinning and fall and helps renew its impeccable gloss and quality.