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Why migraine is becoming an incurable issue?: Follow These 7 Home Remedies for prevention

Migraine is a new-age lifestyle problem. it is actually a very severe and recurring headache. These headaches often occur at a specific time, with some warning signs or some other symptoms.

The severe pain of a migraine often lasts from several hours to a few days. According to the Migraine Association of America, a total of 36 million Americans are affected by this problem. This is equal to 12 percent of the total population of America.

However, there is severe pain in one part of the head. Sometimes due to pain, the ability of a person to see is also affected. With every beat of the heart, there is a pain in the head as if the nerves would burst. Most people between the ages of 15 and 55 are affected by migraine.

Why Does Migraine Happen?

No clear cause of migraine has been found yet. But it is believed that it caused due to abnormal activity in the brain. Because of this activity, the blood vessels in the brain dilate and certain types of chemicals start to be released.

These chemicals are released by the pressure exerted by the nerve fibers. This pressure causes swelling, pain, and dilation of the blood vessels. In this condition, the patient has a severe headache. If someone has got this problem genetically, then they may have more problems.

What Causes Migraine?

Migraine pain can also happen to a person due to some of the reasons mentioned below.

Changes in hormones: Some teenage boys may have migraine problems because at that time there are many changes in the hormones of the body.

Changes in emotions: Migraine pain can also be caused due to sudden tension, depression, restlessness, happiness, and shock.

Physical reasons: Fatigue and lack of sleep, tension in the shoulders and neck, wrong sitting, and hard physical work can also be a problem of migraine at times. Apart from this, pain can also be caused by low blood sugar and fatigue caused by flying.

Due to wrong eating: You can also get affected due to excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Certain food can also increase your problem. These include excessive consumption of tyramine-rich foods such as chocolate, cheese, cheese, and citrus fruits. Many times the problem of migraine can also increase due to deteriorating food and drink schedules and drinking less water than required.

Due to medicines: Due to eating some sleeping medicines, and hormone replacement therapy medicines, men can also have migraine problems.

Due to changes in the environment: Migraine can also occur due to rapid changes of scene in front of the eyes, such as during travel, due to strong smells, smoke present in the environment, and loud noise. Some people may also have problems with stuffy rooms, temperature changes, and bright lights.

Migraine Treatment

So far, successful treatment of migraine has not been found. The treatment is only effective in preventing it from reaching its peak. But some important changes in your lifestyle can definitely reduce the growing problem of migraine. Like-

• Get Enough Sleep

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Drink Plenty Of Water

• Avoid Food With Tyramine

• Exercise Regularly

• Eating Gluten Free

Migraine treatment

However, by adopting these measures only and only temporarily the problem of migraine can be reduced slightly. it can be treated by staying away from things that increase it and only after consulting a doctor. However, these days it is easy to consult a doctor by simply seating in your comfort zone through a white-label telemedicine app.

Home Remedies For Migraine

1. Desi Ghee

To get rid of migraine pain, put 2-2 drops of pure Desi ghee in the nose daily. This will save you pain.

2. Apple

Eat an apple every morning on an empty stomach. This is a very effective way to get rid of migraines.

3. Clove Powder

If there is a lot of pain in the head, immediately drink clove powder and salt mixed with milk. By doing this the headache will disappear immediately.

4. Lemon peel

Make a paste by drying lemon peels in the sun. By applying this paste to the forehead, you will get relief from migraine pain.

5. Spinach and Carrot Juice

To get rid of migraine pain, drink spinach and carrot juice. This will make your pain go away within minutes.

6. Cucumber

Rub a slice of cucumber on your scalp or smell it. This will save you from migraines.

7. Ginger

Mix only 1 teaspoon of ginger juice and honey and drink it. Apart from this, you can also keep a piece of ginger in your mouth to relieve pain. Consuming ginger in any form provides relief from it.

Final words

Only a few migraine patients are able to identify the causes, of contact with which they have problems like severe headaches, allergies, bright light, and tension. While some people get to know from the initial symptoms that they feel before the pain of a migraine, that the headache is about to start in a short while.

Migraine patients often start taking preventive measures as soon as they feel heaviness in the head. But the success rate of these measures is low. Nevertheless, the pain can definitely be reduced by taking medicine. But these medicines can have their own side effects. That’s why medicines should never be taken without the advice of a doctor.

So with the help of these 7 home remedies for migraine, you can get relief from migraine pain.

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