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Why Sexologist in Delhi is Best for Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

Why Sexologist in Delhi is Best for Delayed Ejaculation Treatment?

Delayed ejaculation, also known as impaired ejaculation, is a problem in which males need prolonged sexual stimulation to attain sexual climax and discharge sperm from the penis (ejaculate). Additionally, several men with delayed ejaculation are entirely incapable of ejaculating. Moreover, as per the Sexologist in Delhi, Dr. Chirag Bhandari, this condition may be a temporary or permanent issue. Numerous chronic health issues, surgical procedures, and drugs might induce ejaculatory delay. Also, the treatment of the condition is contingent on the underlying reason.

It is usual for males to have ejaculation delayed on occasion. However, delay in ejaculation is only a concern if it persists or causes you or your companion worry. Let’s check the symptoms, causes, and possible treatment options for this condition. 

Delayed Ejaculation Symptoms & Causes

Let’s understand the symptoms of this condition first:

Several men with delayed ejaculation need at least 30 minutes of sexual stimulation before experiencing an orgasm and ejaculation. However, other men may be incapable of ejaculating (anejaculation).

However, there is no exact timing that implies a delayed ejaculation diagnosis. Instead, you likely experience this condition if the wait causes you anguish or frustration or if you need to quit sexual activity because of exhaustion, physical discomfort, loss of erection, or your spouse’s request.

Men may struggle to achieve orgasm during sexual encounters or other sexual encounters with a partner. Yet, some males can only ejaculate during masturbation.

Symptomatically, delayed ejaculation is categorized into the following categories:

  • Lifelong vs. acquired: Lifelong refers to the problem present during sexual maturity. Yet, acquired is the one occurring following a period of sexual activity.
  • Generalized vs. situational: Generalized delayed ejaculation is not restricted to particular sex partners or stimuli. Situational prolonged ejaculation only happens under certain conditions.
  • These categories facilitate the diagnosis of a root issue and the determination of the most appropriate therapy.

Delayed Ejaculation Causes

Physical and psychological factors contribute to this condition.

Examples of physical reasons include:

  • Conditions of the nervous system include stroke, spinal cord damage, and multiple sclerosis. Additionally, nerve injury may occur as a result of diabetes and surgery.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Some obstruction in your penis.
  • Using prescribed medications, such as antidepressants or illegal drugs
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Aging.

Examples of psychological or emotional factors include:

  • Because of your upbringing, you may have sexual guilt.
  • Feeling uneasy or unhappy with your spouse.
  • Fearing anything, such as infection, pregnancy, or harming one’s relationship.
  • Anxiety over sexual performance.

If you can have an orgasm quickly on your alone, yet not with your companion, your healthcare professional may conclude that the problem is not physical. Additionally, some methods of masturbation may contribute to delayed ejaculation.

Why is Dr. Chirag Bhandari best for Delayed Ejaculation Treatment?

Dr. Chirag Bhandari, the founder of IASH, has years of expertise in treating various male sexual problems, including delays in ejaculation. After a thorough diagnosis of your condition, and an understanding of your sexual habits, lifestyle choices, and relationship with your partner, he will state the reason for your delayed ejaculation and accordingly offer the proper treatment. 

Additionally, Dr. Chirag Bhandari states that every medication has potential adverse effects. Prescription medications come with a list of possible adverse impacts, including experiencing a delay in ejaculation.

How Does The Sexologist in Delhi Start With The Treatment?

Delayed ejaculation is diagnosed when a person is worried about a long delay or infrequency in attaining ejaculation throughout most sexual encounters over six months or longer and when other causes have been evaluated.

A physician will discuss the person’s symptoms and frequency of occurrence to arrive at a diagnosis. Then, they will rule out any probable medical conditions, such as infections, hormone imbalance, etc. This might comprise blood and urine testing.

The management of delayed discharge is dependent on the underlying reason. If SSRIs are the problem, the sexologist may prescribe an alternate medication.

If alcohol and nonprescription drug usage contribute to the delayed discharge problem, decreasing or eliminating them may be beneficial. If there are underlying medical concerns, such as a neurological disorder, treating the original illness may assist address the delayed ejaculation.

Off-label usage of some drugs may help relieve the symptoms of delayed ejaculation. But none has been explicitly authorized to treat the condition.

Additionally, there are exercises for delayed ejaculation. You may be familiar with Kegel exercises, commonly known as pelvic floor exercises. So you can locate the muscles to train by beginning to urinate, pausing, and restarting. Once you identify these muscles, you may do these sorts of activities anywhere and in any posture. A stronger pelvic floor and greater control over such muscles might be beneficial.

Final Say

The effectiveness of treatment for delayed ejaculation relies on the underlying reason and kind of treatment. Anybody with concerns regarding sexual function should see the best sexologist in Delhi, Dr. Chirag Bhandari, and maybe a mental health specialist to determine the best course of action. read more articles on