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MYTHS About Dengue That You Should Know

As dengue cases are at peak in Pakistan. Up till now, 1516 cases have been reported in the federal city of Pakistan. This rising ratio has certainly caused uncertainty among people. They have developed many misconceptions and false beliefs about dengue, which can cause harm to people as well. In this article, all the related myths and facts will be addressed in this article. 

  • Dengue can’t hit again 

A very common misconception about dengue is it can’t happen to the same person again. It is believed healing from dengue creates lifetime immunity in the patient’s body. They don’t need to take any precautionary measures as they are safe now. This is totally a misconception and nothing else. One can get dengue again even after healing from it. It all depends on his prevention. If he is not conscious about using anti-mosquito lotion and doing sprays, he can definitely get dengue again. He should be living in a mosquito-free environment to be safe. There is no other way to avoid it. 

  • Dengue is Contagious

Another misconception about dengue is it is contagious. One can get it if he exposes himself to the dengue patients. It can be through saliva, blood and used clothes. People avoid getting in touch with the patients. This is a totally wrong idea. Dengue is not contagious at all. One can’t get dengue by touching and exposing them to the patients. Only one can get dengue through a dengue patient is, if a mosquito bites the patient, it will also become the cause of dengue virus. It’s all safe to be with them and take care of the patients. 

  • Dengue mosquitos grow in dirty water only 

People believe that mosquitos only grow in dirty water, especially dengue. They think that garbage cans, water sewerage, or any kind of dirty water storage can cause dengue. That is the reason that people are conscious only of those storage places and not around their house. This is a totally wrong apprehension about dengue. Dengue mosquitos lay eggs near water, no matter if it is clean or dirty. That is why, one should be conscious and make sure that all water storage places are clean from any kind of water presence. Even if your home is neat and tidy, you still need to clear all the water bodies like in the garden, tires, basins, jars and pots. 

  • Dengue in rainy season only

There is another misunderstanding about dengue. Dengue only appears and grows during the rainy season. Because in the rainy season, we mostly observe water on roads and in homes. However, it is believed that in other seasons, there is no chance of dengue mosquitoes. This fact is completely wrong and denied by the researchers. It is not necessary that dengue can only hit during the rainy season. Though, in the rainy season one should be more conscious, but it’s not a compulsion. Dengue mosquitos do appear in other winter and summer as well. It requires complete preventive measures as in the rainy season. It has a constant ratio of danger to infecting people. 

  • Dengue can heal itself 

Dengue can heal itself without any medication. It doesn’t need any kind of measure. You don’t need to consult a dengue specialist or get hospitalized. This self-management can increase the intensity of the fever. If one gets diagnosed with dengue, one has to go to the doctor, tell him about his situation. The doctor will prescribe him with pain relievers, tell him to have a check on platelets, take adequate rest and healthy food. If the patient’s condition is not good and he needs some medical monitoring, he may also get hospitalized. 

  • Intake of antibiotics in dengue 

People try to treat dengue as normal fever. They take antibiotics as per their normal routine. Antibiotics can’t do any good to them. However, this can be harmful to the patient’s health. It is totally restricted to take antibiotics in dengue fever without any medical consultation. 

  • Dengue is Curable

Normally patients think of themselves as completely recovered from dengue if they have no fever and other symptoms of it. They don’t take their health seriously afterwards. This is totally wrong behavior of the patients. Sometimes, dengue is not healed even after it is cured. Dengue symptoms typically last from 2 – 7 days and most people who are infected will recover fully in about a week. They are not ready for any side effects of dengue. Besides the symptoms and all, there are some after effects of dengue, which are listed below:

  • Stress and anxiety 

Dengue can cause stress and anxiety problems in the patients. Through the research, it is proven that people who have a history with dengue show high symptoms of stress. Sometimes, they need to be consulted by a medical specialist as well. 

  • Hair fall

Patients can observe severe hair fall for 1-2 months after dengue is cured. They can take some supplements to help with it. 

  • Weak immune system 

Dengue can make patients’ immune system weak. They can feel sick easily.

  • Joint pain

This symptom of dengue can appear afterwards as well.

  • Deficiencies 

Patients can also feel tired and lethargic due to the deficiencies in their bodies, which can be addressed from a healthy diet and lifestyle. 
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