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7 Effective Ways to Manage Back Pain on Your Road Trips

Road trips are an effective method to help you bond with your friends and family. Besides, it allows you to explore new locations and admire them. You will also get an opportunity to relax your mind by diverting from your daily routine.

Notably, traveling for long hours can make you experience back pains, preventing you from enjoying your adventure. Here are some of the practical tips you can use to manage your back pain:

Ensure your ride is as smooth as possible.

Some roads contain many bumps and potholes, which may be bad for both your car and your back. Each time your car gets into a pothole, it causes shaky movements causing your back to move in the wrong position. To avoid these, you can look for alternative roads that are smooth. Besides, it will also help if you replace your worn-out tires frequently and ensure you sit on a car seat or pillow while traveling.

Get out and move around.

Staying in the same sitting position for many hours is bad for your back since it may cause stiffening of your muscles, resulting in achiness and muscle spasms. It would help if you take a 15minutes break regularly from your car seat after several hours of traveling; this will help your muscles relax.

You can schedule stops and get out of your car to stretch. The movements will stimulate blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to reach your lower back.

Use pain-relieving drugs

You can get plenty of painkillers from the pharmacy to reduce back pain. Moreover, you can also choose a more herbal approach like cannabinoid products such as the delta eight thc.

There are plenty of online stores where buyers can purchase a High quality thc spray, an effective pain reliever. The spray is user-friendly, and all you need is to apply the drug to the affected area.

Shift your position

Alternatively, you can adjust your car seat periodically after driving for long hours; this will allow your back to change its position and allow blood to reach every part of your body. However, it would be best to ensure that you adjust your car seat in a suitable direction.

 If you are driving, you should ensure your car seat position allows you to have a clear vision of the road and prevent accidents.

Use heat or cold therapy.

Heat or cold therapy is suitable for easing muscle pains, and you can use it to alleviate back pains during your road trip. Cold therapy will reduce the inflammation and swelling of your back. It will help if you bring a cooler on your road trip to store ice packs for cold therapy.

Heat therapy increases blood flow and allows your muscles to relax. You can use different kinds of heat therapy, like muscle heat wraps. Besides, you can also use a moist heat pack and place it in a microwave before your trip.

You can apply heat or ice for around 15minutes on the area to allow your skin to recover a couple of hours before your next application. For drivers, it would be best to use cold or heat therapy during their breaks because you can’t check on your back muscles while driving.

Notably, some cars have heated seats that provide low-level heat continuously and relieve the driver of back pains while ensuring they are comfortable during the trip.

Use your feet to support your back.

Sitting in the same position for hours places a lot of pressure on your spine. You can use your feet to support your spine with the bottom-up leverage. It would be best to put your feet on a firm surface and at the right height to prevent stress from reaching your lower back.

Notably, it would be best to place your knees at a proper angle position. If your seat is high, you can place your feet at a footrest. Drivers can firmly place their feet on the floor to ensure comfort.

Get a distraction from your pain.

You can use something to divert your mind from the pain. For example, drivers can listen to a music channel, a podcast, or an audiobook. Passengers have plenty of distractive activities they can do, like solving puzzles, watching a movie, and reading.

Other ways to manage back pain

  • Adjust your steering wheel. If you are experiencing back pains, it would be best to adjust your steering wheel to an angle that does not require you to strain a lot. Besides, the angle should allow you to rest your elbows and arms, allowing you to rest your upper back.


Back pains during road trips are difficult to avoid, but you can use the above methods to manage them. You can also research ways to control the pain while driving. Notably, if the back pains persist, you can visit your doctor to check whether it is a severe condition.