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Essential Nutrition Tips from a serial dieter

So, anyone expecting to read this and be told exactly what to eat daily or what is the essential nutrition you need to lose weight – I am sorry, but I am going to disappoint you.  There are so many different diets out there and to be fair some will work better than others dependent on how you react to them.   I have lost weight and maintained that weight loss on a low-fat diet when I was in my 20’s, but now that way of eating really does not work for me because I am really sensitive to sugar and carbs.

DIETS are short-term.  Anyone who wants you to restrict for a short-term period like 6 or 12 weeks will most likely get you results, but also the minute you finish the “diet” it is highly likely that you will return to your old bad habits. 

65 per cent of all dieters piled their weight back on within three years of hitting their dream targets. “

Rather than taking away food and only eating the essential nutrition: increasing movement and exercise are habits that, if you can incorporate them into your life for the long term, will see you far less likely to suffer with being overweight as you get older or pile the weight back on if you lose it.

The more you exercise the fitter you become and the stronger you become and the easier the exercise becomes until such a time that it is enjoyable and gives you the same high as a bottle of wine or a pizza!  (Honestly, you might be a year off this – but imagine if January was one exercise session per week and February two session etc and by this time next year you are on a daily gym session and a walk and feeling positive and healthy. Simple small life changes add up.). Alternatively you could get away for the winter with and have an adventure.

This is also the key to essential nutrition.  Small achievable monthly changes will add up and create great long-term habits.  Don’t think about losing 1 stone in the next month. It is too difficult and will not be sustained.  Increase the length of time you are giving yourself to change the habits ingrained over the last 30 years.  Think of losing 1 pound or even ½ pound per week making small changes that you can keep up for the rest of your life.  If I could say that this time next year after xmas you would be 1 stone lighter – and the next year another stone, and you will never need to worry about gaining weight again then you may be quite happy with that?

You also must bear in mind that you may gain some weight in terms of muscle mass.  I can look very different at the same weight dependent on how much weight training that I am doing.  If I am 9st 12lb of very little fat and full of muscle I am looking ripped and lean.  That body full of muscle weighs more that the same body that may have no muscle mass, but it looks fantastic.  Personally, I know I look better as a toned 9st 12lb than a skinny 9 stone.

Kettlebell training can help tons with muscle building and is something really easy to do at home. Suppliers like Rogue Kettlebells or Kettlebell Kings have a great selection in the US, or Wolverson fitness in the uk.

The body full of muscle also burns far more calories when I am sat doing nothing too.  So sometimes having a weight loss goal can be misleading – measuring problem areas that you want to see changes can be more accurate and motivating.   Having weight loss goals can also be challenging because of water retention, hormones, stress, medication or even the pill. So, in my mind, setting goals away from weight loss like increasing movement, lifting heavier weights, training, and competing in a competition, can be far healthier for the mindset and self-esteem and toning and weight loss and healthier eating often happen as a by- product.  Getting a stronger mind is always going to be a winner in my book.