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Getting the latest gaming news in Vietnam can be easy if you know where to look. There are many sources that will provide you with information about the most popular games in the world. There are also websites that will offer you the most up to date information about gaming events. You can even find news on the latest PC and console games.

Mobile game users have increased 48%

During the past two years, Vietnam’s mobile gaming casino trực tuyến market has experienced a notable surge. Vietnam ranks second in mobile gaming experience among Southeast Asian countries.

Vietnamese gamers place high value on the UI of mobile games. The country’s gaming market has seen the most revenue growth in the region. In the first half of 2017, mobile games in Vietnam generated $136 million in revenues. Its annual growth rate is 87.7%. The number of internet users in Vietnam has tripled over the past decade.

The country has a youthful populace. Many millennials and millenials in Vietnam identify as mobile gamers. Almost two-thirds of the country’s mobile gamers play three or more times a day.

Most mobile gamers in Vietnam are women. They spend an average of 48 minutes per session playing mobile games.

More than half of the users play casual single-player games. Popular games include Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans.

Console game users have raised 49%

Among the Asian behemoths, Vietnam has the largest gaming community affluent enough to justify an annual gaming expo. According to App Annie, the country has 68 million smartphone users, who spend an average of 3.9 hours a day gaming.

The country’s average age is just over 30 years old, making it a natural incubator for new games. While it is still relatively unknown how many gamers exist in the country, there is no denying that Vietnam is a gaming mecca. This is bolstered by a burgeoning online gaming scene and a healthy VC community.

The best part about the country’s gaming community is that there are more than enough games to go around. This is a testament to the country’s plethora of talented developers. A recent survey found that 94 percent of Vietnamese adults play video games online at least once a week. As a result, local gamers have never been short of attention.

PC game users have increased 38%

Despite its tepid GDP growth, Vietnam’s game market has been steadily gaining steam. According to APP Annie’s annual report on the biz, Vietnam is poised to become the second largest game market in Southeast Asia by 2020.

The country’s gaming industry has also witnessed technological advancements, notably the advent of “blockchain” games, which are deployed on the local Layer 1 “Klaytn” blockchain. Cryptocurrency has become a hot investment asset, and the country boasts a relatively high adoption rate. Among the most popular cryptos in Vietnam are the BTC, XMR, XRP and Litecoin.

The country’s game industry is a natural breeding ground for innovations, and a testament to its youthful population base. For example, gaming aficionados can boast spending a median of 3.9 hours a day playing. However, their financial capabilities are limiting. Among gamers with a budget of tens of thousands of dollars, males are more likely to purchase gaming consoles, while women are more likely to opt for smartphones.

COVID-19 has reignited interest in the game industry

During a recent Newzoo survey, we found that interest in the casino trực tuyến game industry in Vietnam is increasing. A number of factors have contributed to this, including the recent launch of COVID-19, which is a new mobile game with virtual reality features. The survey was conducted online in April and May of 2021, and included a representative sample of gamers in Vietnam.

The survey also found that mobile gaming has become the preferred platform for gamers in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the largest gaming platform in the region, and the highest percentage of people say that mobile is their primary gaming device. Although PC gaming is also popular in the region, it has experienced slower growth than other segments. PC esports are popular in Vietnam, but are currently facing challenges due to regulations. The country’s PC gaming cafes, also known as PC bangs, have long been the hub of PC esports. These cafes offer subscription and free-to-play models.