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What Is Hydrolyzed Baby Formula?

The hydrolyzed baby formula is a milk formula that makes the digestion process easier for babies. Hydrolyzed baby formula is also made for babies who are allergic to milk or have a milk intolerance. Let’s look into the details of a hydrolyzed baby formula. 

Uses of Hydrolyzed Formula 

Hydrolyzed baby formula is designed for babies who have difficulty digesting standard cow’s milk-based formulas. Therefore, if you suspect your baby has a milk digestion issue or some odd symptoms after drinking milk, know that he or she may require a hydrolyzed formula. 

When to Use the Hydrolyzed Formula

Babies often cry due to discomfort after being given regular formula milk because they cannot digest the proteins present in cow milk. A hydrolyzed baby formula assists the bodies of babies in breaking down milk proteins into smaller, more digestible molecules. 

Does Hydrolyzed Baby Formula Work? 

Suppose your baby suffers from a milk allergy or cannot digest cow’s milk well. This makes feeding more difficult, posing an added risk to your baby’s health. In that case, a hydrolyzed formula like HiPP hypoallergenic formula is known to help. By providing your baby with milk that is designed for easier digestion, you can better ensure they’re well-nourished and comfortable at this crucial stage of their life.

Milk Allergies

When a baby has a milk allergy, the immune system will not accept the protein molecules in milk, and the body treats milk as bacteria. 

Milk Allergy Symptoms

Milk allergy symptoms can vary from one baby to another. For LgE allergy, the body reacts after seconds or hours after the baby consumes regular milk. Swelling can be seen, especially in the face, eyes, and lips. The baby can start throwing up or may develop congestion. 

Different types of Hydrolyzed Formula

There are two main types of Hydrolysed formulas. The types differ in how small you want the protein molecules to be broken into. It is essential to know which formula will suit your baby best.

Partially Hydrolyzed

A partially Hydrolyzed formula reduces the protein molecules into smaller bits so the baby can digest them well. You will see that the hydrolyzed formula will have a whey consistency or casein protein blend. 

When the milk allergy is severe, you shouldn’t give partial formula because that won’t help the baby. Therefore, babies with impaired digestive systems or colic and gassiness can use partially hydrolyzed formula. 

  • Provides complete nutrition 
  • Prevents gassiness and discomfort by accelerating the digestion process

Extensively Hydrolyzed formula

An extensively hydrolyzed formula is suitable for babies who suffer from severe protein cow milk allergy. Intake of extensive formula reduces the chances of an allergic reaction in the baby. 

  • Provides all required nutrition 
  • It can be used for bigger babies

Consuming extensively hydrolyzed formula causes the protein molecules to break into even tinier bits so they can seamlessly be absorbed. This formula is for babies who have food allergies.

Can You Mix Hydrolyzed Formula with Regular Formula?

Yes, it is okay if you mix the standard milk formula with hydrolyzed milk formula. Combining both formulas is recommended first to help the baby get familiar with the taste of hydrolyzed formula. Once the baby is fine consuming both formulas, gradually increase the quantity of hydrolyzed until you ultimately start using only hydrolyzed formula. 

Do follow your doctor’s recommendations. Wait and stick to the hydrolyzed formula until your pediatrician allows you to switch back to the regular formula. You might want to stick to entirely hydrolyzed for your baby’s digestion because the hydrolyzed formula has equal nutrients and benefits as a standard milk formula.

Proportions of Hydrolyzed Formula and Standard Formula

You can start by giving the 75% Standard formula with the 25% Hydrolyzed formula. Gradually increase the proportion of hydrolyzed formula to 50%. Make it 75% on day three, and finally, on day 4, make it 100%. This way, the baby will not have difficulty adjusting to the nonsweet taste of Hydrolyzed formula.

Can You Stop Using Hydrolyzed Baby Formula After Some Time? 

Whether you should stop using Hydrolyzed baby formula after some time depends on the severity of your baby’s allergy. If your baby has a mild milk allergy, you can switch back to the standard formula you used before with the doctor’s permission. The doctor might run an allergy test to give you the confirmation of switching back to standard baby milk formula. 

Delayed Milk Allergies(non-IgE)

You can safely switch back to the standard formula milk for this type of allergy because this allergy is a delayed milk allergy. 

Mediated milk Allergies (IgE)

In this type of allergy, it is hard to continue using standard formula milk. This is a severe type of allergy in which even a minute quantity of ordinary dairy can cause an allergic reaction to a trigger.


Hydrolyzed baby milk formula will protect your baby from discomfort and uneasiness due to milk intolerance or allergy. In all scenarios, please consult with a doctor to better understand when to introduce hydrolyzed milk, how much to give it, and when to switch back to the standard formula milk.