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How To Pick A Perfect Spice Box For The Kitchen?

The spice box is one of the most important needs of every kitchen, the aroma of spices and the flavours needs to be preserved, and that is where a masala box comes to use. Indian spices play an important role and will keep on playing as our food tastes nothing close to a mouth-licking meal without them. And that is why storing these spices with proper care is mandatory otherwise, you will lose the taste of your food. Using an Indian spice box has many benefits, as whenever you or your mother go into the kitchen, they will find all the spices handy in one place. Keeping in mind, WoodenStreet presents a guide on how to pick a spice box for the kitchen.

Benefits Of A Spice Box

A spice box holds many benefits, and one of them is maintaining the aroma and flavours they have. Preserving spices in a tight container should be essential as it will prevent microbial growth and will go to waste because they will lose their taste. Also, if stored in a box, the spices will not have any direct light, nor will they have moisture, which will prevent the wastage of herbs as no one will use the ones that taste bad. Besides that, having an Indian spice box can help you arrange spices that will make your cooking time more accessible and convenient. A spice masala box can be a go-to option to make the kitchen look more organized, and you can have the best time cooking your favourite meal.

Materials To Choose From

At WoodenStreet, masala Dabba is available in types of materials that have their own benefits. And every material is beneficial in its own way. It is always a good decision to choose a material for a spice masala box that is durable and has benefits such as something like a tight container.

We have described a few materials in the above paragraphs; read it out to choose that one material for your kitchen!

Wooden Spice Box

The wooden spice box is always a great addition to a kitchen, not only because of the material but also because of the looking and functional benefits it gives. You can find different shapes in wooden masala Dabba, such as square, rectangle, triangle and hexagonal in the same material on our website. It can make the platform of your kitchen more interesting, as getting a wooden item is always the right choice. This type of spice box is see-through as it is made with a hglass on top, and it will help in a easy cooking.

Metal Spice Box

You can choose to get a metal spice box online, as they have been here for ages and still did not lose the spark of it. People have been using it for years, and that is what makes it more special. A traditional masala Dabba is what you all need to set up your kitchen. These boxes contain bowls covered with a lid on top, and at the top of them, there are beautiful traditional patterns engraved. A masala Dabba like this can make a great pair with other kitchen essentials.


WoodenStreet has a variety of spice boxes available on the website, and without a doubt, we have the best collection with choices in different types of materials and shapes. You should go through the wide range of masala boxes online and pick the best from what we have! It is one of the elements that you can’t miss to have in the kitchen, and the quality we give is top-notch. Make your shopping experience by buying good quality and durable products from our portal, and you will not regret it for one. Spice boxes storage will make your kitchen look complete.