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Health Benefits of BBQ Food

Revealed: The Health Benefits of BBQ Food

We may have been in lockdown since March, but summer is right around the corner. While social gatherings haven’t been allowed as we tackle the pandemic, you can still make use of any sunshine we may have in your own outdoor space. 

The government has insisted that we stay safe and stay alert, with our own personal outdoor space crucial for our mental health during these testing times. While being outside can help boost your mental wellbeing, cooking your food on a barbecue also has a number of health benefits. 

Barbecuing your food can be a quick and easy way to enjoy a healthy meal as it can lower your fat consumption and enhance the flavour of your meat and veg. So, why not dust down the barbie this summer and enjoy your outdoor space?

Five health benefits of BBQ food

  • Grilling can lower your fat consumption

As previously mentioned, barbecuing your meat is a way to reduce its fat content. This occurs because any excess drips through the grates when cooking. In a pan, this fat would be absorbed. It’s actually advised by the NHS to grill your food. However, to increase the health benefits, be sure to trim off excess fat. 

It’s also key to remember that not all fat has to be the enemy. Including the likes of avocado in your salads can give you a healthy and tasty source of fat.

  • Barbecued veggies are better for you

Don’t just stick to your meat. Get some of your five a day by grilling your vegetables on a barbecue too. Again, this helps lower your fat intake if you limit your use of oil. It also helps to retain lots of vitamins and minerals without losing any flavour due to cooking it on a lower heat for longer.

In summer, a lot of vegetables will be in the perfect season, meaning you can enjoy them at their freshest. 

  • Stay carcinogen-free

Were you aware that charcoal usage on a barbecue can actually expose you to cancer-causing chemicals? Because of this, some doctors suggest that cooking with bottled gas is a preferable method to  using charcoal.

Due to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines that are created when your food is cooked over an open flame, charcoal is a type of carcinogen. This means that it can expose your food to cancer-causing chemicals. If you’re worried, a simple change to gas is the easy option.

It’s also far easier to control the temperature of your barbecue when you use gas. This can help you steer clear of those high temperatures which are associated with carcinogens. One way you can manage your temperature is to light the outside burners instead of the centre one. You can then place your meat and veg in the centre of the grill and close the lid.

  • Less is more

Do you think you’ve perfected the art of not overcooking your food? If so, you should find your meals packed with plenty of flavour. Better still, barbecuing your food allows you to look in its moisture, meaning that you may not need to lather your meal in those condiments  which are full of extra fats or sugars. This will help you cut those added calories too!

  • Retain those nutrients!

Flavour is a big selling point to using your barbecue.  Cooking your food in this fashion can help preserve key vitamins (namely riboflavin and thiamine) Thiamine and riboflavin are B vitamins which can aid your body to turn your consumed food into fuel for more energy, thus playing a crucial role in maintaining a healthy diet.

Barbecue with confidence 

It’s obvious why we choose outdoor grilling as a fun, healthy, and sociable way to cook and enjoy our food when the sun comes out.  Be sure to stay safe and enjoy all a barbecue has to offer!