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New Amsterdam – From Vodka to TV show to food capital to Europe

If you are based in the UK or Europe when someone mentions Amsterdam the thoughts are immediately of Tulips and Van Gogh, museums and art galleries and amazing Amsterdam food. If you are a resident of the USA them thoughts of drama, conflict Covid 19 and work conflicts and the new Amsterdam hospital in new York are more likely to be your associations!

Amsterdam in Europe is the capital and most populous city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The city had a population of 842,072 in 2018. It is located on both sides of the North Sea, on the coast of Belgium and Germany. If you have not visited this amazing city then we will give you some ideas of things to do and places to go and some of the unusual amsterdam food that you can eat. We will also have a look at New Amsterdam and let you know what we can about the eagerly anticipates season 4 of this fast paced medical drama.

Is New Amsterdam set in Amsterdam?

New Amsterdam is a medical drama in the same guise as Grey’s Anatomy and ER. The New Amsterdam Medical Center, sometimes referred to as New Amsterdam Hospital, is not based in Amsterdam Europe, but in new York City USA. The medical dram has now been running for 3 seasons and has been commissioned for 5 seasons in total. With season 3 finished, many are already asking when will the new Amsterdam series 4 be released?

Difficulties with filming through the pandemic have added to the delay in any announcements about when New Amsterdam series 4 will be released. Favourites in the cast of the series 4 are likely to include all of the favourite faces, apart from Dr. Vijay Kapoor, whose wife was diagnosed with an illness recently causing him to prioritise her wellbeing over the shows busy filming schedules.

Things to do when you visit Amsterdam in Europe:

Amsterdam is a city that’s been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also as one of the most important cities for culture. The city has been labeled as “The Venice of the North” by those who have visited it before. It has hundreds of bridges, canals, and more than 1,250 bridges. These areas make for great photo opportunities and it’s easy to find paved paths and bicycle routes throughout the city as well as street vendors selling some of the greatest food you can taste.

Art museum, art gallery, food, currency, postcode or zip code, time zone

Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands and capital of the province of North-Holland. Amsterdam is a major tourist destination, and is known for its architecture, canals, shopping, and it’s red light district. The city has also been nicknamed “Venice of the North” because of these features. In 2017, Amsterdam was ranked 8th in terms of standard of living. The currency used in Amsterdam is the Euro and the time zone is 1 hour ahead of GMT. The time zone is called: CET — Central European Time and in the summer it moves to CEST — Central European Summer Time. If you need a specific post code or Zip code for Amsterdam then use this link to find a full list.

Historical facts about Amsterdam

Amsterdam was founded on April 27, 1448. It has a population of about 865,000 and is the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is considered to be one of the most liberal cities in Europe and has a reputation for tolerance and an open mind about certain things. The city’s motto is “De stad van alle markten.”

Top 10 Amsterdam museums and Art galleries:

  1. Rijksmuseum Museum
  2. Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum
  3. Foam
  4. Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder
  5. Stedelijk Museum
  6. Hermitage Amsterdam
  7. Van Gogh Art Gallery & Museum
  8. Anne Frank Huis
  9. EYE Filmmuseum
  10. Electric Ladyland: the Museum of Fluorescent Art

Best Dutch Food and Places to eat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has plenty to offer food wise when it comes to its own homegrown and mastered culinary delicacies. See how many of these amazing Dutch foods you can try when you visit:

Dutch pancakes
Apple pie
Raw herring
Croquettes from a vending machine
Dutch liquorice
Vegan poke bowl

Other famous things associated with Amsterdam:

The Birkenstock has a vegan clog called The Amsterdam. It is very simple and understated in muted colours which you can almost picture a tulip seller wearing as the cycle around the narrow city streets. The Clog has long been associated with Amsterdam with many beautiful decorated souvenir pieces for sale in this delightful destination city. It makes sense then that Birkenstock designed this felt vegan clog and called it the Amsterdam. New Amsterdam Vodka is also something that springs to mind but is this named after the TV show or the city? To get the best vodka price for Amsterdam Vodka it is worth visiting stores like Asda for Vodka in the UK and Walmart in the USA or even Amazon online. Usually the buying power of these giants help to keep the Vodka prices as low as possible. If Vodka is really not your thing thenRoku Gin is also great as a botanical gin made by one of Japan’s most well-known whisky makers.