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Cedar Smith Management Says Financial Planning Is for Everyone!

Everyone wants wealth, but only a few take concrete steps in this direction, regardless of their financial position. There is a general belief that financial planning is for the wealthy, while everyone must manage their finances to secure their present and future. When you talk about financial planning, the idea mainly revolves around retirement. It’s okay, also. After all, your prime years are the best time to gather everything for a better tomorrow. But those who need help understanding the significance of preparation tend to face disappointment later in life. Medical expenses, household costs, and everything else feels like a burden as you pay for them from the accumulated liquidity.

If you want to avoid seeing yourself in such a position, think of securing your finances when you are young. You can also hire a financial advisor to show you the path. Their knowledge of pension systems, changes in policies, and other avenues helps you build for a better today and tomorrow. Let’s explore the options local Japanese usually get for retirement planning.

Cedar Smith Management explains the Japanese pension system

The term for pension is nenkin in Japan. You get two options in this, and everyone must enroll in them. The government organization called the Japanese Pension Service manages the funds, and the choice of a plan depends on your work nature. So, the options include kokuminnenkin and koseinenkin. Kokuminnenkin is a national pension scheme, while the other one is an insurance type of plan. Those who choose koseinenkin have to contribute more to the funds, but they reap heavy benefits also in tomorrow. Since it’s an employee plan, your company also adds the same amount in yen as you. Some people contribute to both pensions to collect more money for retirement.

Cedar Smith Japan informs that each plan will have its payment structure. The national scheme is a must-have for everyone, excluding part-timers and residents who don’t have employment. In 2018, the monthly payment was ¥16,340. However, it will be 16,590 yen in 2022. If there is any confusion regarding this, you can ask your financial advisor for clarification—all full-time employees, including those working 75% of the full-time, must pay. The monthly payment will get deducted from your account. Generally, this forms about 9.15% of your contribution from salary. Suppose you earn a monthly salary of ¥300,000. Your deduction will be ¥27,450.

Cedar Smith Management gives a small insight into pension payment systems

Contributing to your pension scheme is essential. You need to understand what you pay and how much return you can expect upon retirement. Since regulations around payment models are subject to change, your financial advisor can be the right person to give you accurate figures. However, for general understanding, it’s essential to know that anyone paying into a national pension may have to contribute 16,590 yen monthly. You can continue to pay this amount for three years to receive a lump sum later. If you pay ¥27,450 toward koseinenkin for less than three years, you can get ¥990,000 later.

If you live in the country for ten years or more with a monthly salary of ¥300,000 through full-time work, you will get the same amount after leaving the country in a lump sum. They can get the credit if their country has any agreement with Japan over this system.

The claim process for pension amount

You can apply for the old-age Benefits based on your pension plan. For this, you have to visit Pension Consultation Center or a JPS branch. To initiate the process, you must submit a few documents, such as Pension Handbook and Basic Pension Number Notice. You also have to give your certified family record or KosekiShohon. These documents will be optional if your My Number is with the JPS office. You can be eligible for an old-age pension payout once you reach age 65. However, some believe you can get the amount any time after age sixty. If you apply for it before age 65, the payment will be lower. That’s why some people wait till age 65. Those who wait till age 75 get as much as 184 % pension.

You will have to fill out an appropriate application form for early payment. Likewise, there can be a form for delayed payment too. Nevertheless, depending on specific eligibility criteria, you can enjoy several benefits under a national pension plan. Apart from old-age pension benefits, one can find options for disability, death, survivor, widow, etc.

A critical input

Enrolling in government pension plans has its rewards. You continue to get paid till you survive. You don’t have to worry about money even if you stop working or have no other investments. The second situation is avoidable if you plan your finances well. The pension amount will remain the same because of the market conditions. Hence, it can be a relief. Since nenkin takes care of disability and survivors, you can stay at peace. Some people mistakenly believe they don’t have to think about anything else once their pension money starts flowing into their account.

As a reminder, please don’t nurture any such misconception. The financial experts suggest you need a minimum savings of 20m yen in addition to pension payment. The amount will need to be adequate to maintain your desired lifestyle. You can have a fulfilled lifestyle only if you save more and invest in other places. 

If you hoped your pension amount would take care of your retirement, it’s a reality check. You still have enough time to activate other things. But random investments with little thought will yield few rewards. You need to consult a professional financial advisor to improve your financial condition. They can help you earn and save more with their strategies. Speak to them about your goals so that they can suggest better options. Your investment plans depend on your requirements, income, and personal condition. You may not benefit by investing in the same plans or schemes as your friend or family member.