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The Menswear Trends of This Year

We are coming to the end of 2021 and, this year has some great fashion trends, from utility clothing to the return of bomber jackets. Menswear has returned with a bang after the horrendous year we previously had.

Menswear arguably could not have been any better this year as there has been a return for many fashion trends. One thing we have not been shy with this season is colourful garments. Anyways, we have compiled a list together of mens streetwear that we have seen this year, just in case you have forgotten.

Utility Clothing

Utility clothing is one of the biggest trends that have been prominent all year. Utility clothing is first on this list for many reasons. One of them is that utility clothing is not just one singular piece. You can either have a utility jacket or cargo pants.

There was a trend at one minute where men were wearing camouflage utility trousers. However, this is a trend that soon faded out. You can either pair a utility jacket with cargo pants or, you can just wear one item singular utility garment. A great example would be a pair of utility trousers with a plain t-shirt.

The Bomber Jacket

This jacket is a fantastic piece of apparel for spring, summer, autumn and winter. When you think of bomber jackets, you must think of John Travolta in Greece with his leather bomber jacket. Bomber jackets thrived during the 70s and, now they have made a return this year.

Bomber jackets are a staple piece for a man’s wardrobe. It is the easy go-to jacket when it is too cold to go outside without one. A blue or black bomber jacket is easy to style with other essential garments. If you are wearing a black bomber jacket, you will want to go with blue jeans. If you are wearing a navy blue jacket then you will want to go with a pair of black jeans. Although bomber jackets are minimalistic, they are still a great garment to add to your outfit, whether you need them for an extra layer or to level up your style.

Oversized Trench Coats

It seems the fashion trends of the 70s have made an overall return to menswear and trench coats are one of those trends. Oversized trench coats have been a common piece at the catwalks this year. Encouraging them into becoming the go-to jacket for people during the slightly warmer months.

Trench coats are an easy jacket to style, giving people flexibility on what can be worn with them. Additionally, they are great jackets to wear at formal events as well if you are looking for another layer.

All For Pastel

Pastel colours have seemed to be the common trend for many men earlier this year. It was the go-to colour during summer and, to be fair, it is easy to understand why, whether it is a block-pattern pastel shirt or just a light blue sweater.

Pastel is the colour that is seen a lot during winter. These colours can be worn with bermuda shorts for a beach outfit or a pair of blue denim washed jeans. With them being more fitting for going out to a meal. There were quite a few people that wore these colours with a pair of chinos as well. Although some people think chinos have had their time.

Knitted Polo Shirts

Moving away from the Spring and Summer trends. Knitted polos have made it back on the streets for casual wear. Knitwear is the perfect material for keeping you warm. That is why it is easy to understand why knitted polos have been the menswear trend for the autumn months. All they are is just a polo t-shirt but is long-sleeved. This type of shirt is very suitable for office wear.

1990s Sweater vest

If you lived during the 90s, you probably remember that there weren’t many good fashion trends that carried through to the 00s. However, the 90s sweater vests were a popular look and that was something that was in the 00s. If you are struggling to remember what the sweater vest looked like, search for Harry Styles sweater vests as he was an avid wearer of this look.

Although sweater vests were not the popular look this year, they were still very prominent in the Milan and Paris catwalks. For styling a sweater vest, You can either wear this over the top of a rugby polo shirt or just a traditional shirt in the office.


Turtlenecks have made a return this year with menswear. Although men seem extremely indecisive with this garment and we do not understand why. Turtlenecks are one of those where they layer up extremely easily with other pieces of clothing.

You can wear it under a blazer jacket for formal events and office work or, wear it alone and put a sweater vest over the top of it. You can even put a trench coat over the top of them. Everything about turtlenecks makes sense when it comes to the winter months. Get yourself a woolly turtleneck then you have got the ultimate warmth from the shirt. Turtlenecks are a great way to reignite your flare this winter.

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are this year’s choice for winter jackets. Make sure that you get a jacket of good quality as these will not only keep you warm but keep you dry as well. There are many brands out there to choose from which vary the price for them. However, if you wait until the January sale, you can shop in a sale to get a discounted price on your favourite brands.

To Conclude

There have been many trends this year in men’s fashion. We have been missing the fashion catwalks due to a pandemic recently. Nonetheless, they have come back with some old fashion trends from previous years. Although, fast fashion makes sudden changes to the fashion industry for men. We suggest you keep away from these fashion trends, as these are not good for sustainability and can cost you a lot of money over the long run.