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4 Tips to Buy a Perfect Scarf

Getting a scarf is no walk in the park we all can agree with it. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done and researched when buying a scarf for yourself. One of the many things that you need to do is look for the right fabric and make sure you are not getting scammed by the fraud organizations out there. Therefore, it is best to buy scarves online from the Black Camels as they are one of the best and known brand of sourcing high quality and super fashionable abayas for the women out there.

As easy as you may think getting a scarf is, there is a lot of thought that goes into it. You cannot just trust any women scarves online store in Pakistan, you should look for someone who is reliable and you can trust them to get you the high quality and best product in the most affordable rates. There are various kinds of fabrics, styles and colors that you can choose from. The best you can do is research about it, see what style and color suit you the best and only then go for the right one.

Following are a few tips for you if you are looking for the scarf to wear in an event.

Fabric is all you need to check

One of the most important things to check out first and be careful about is the fabric of your scarf. Know that your scarf fabric can make or break your overall look of the scarf and the moment you neglect it there are high chances that you end up with a lousy looking scarf with nothing much to offer. You scarf needs to have a perfect balance of the stern ’ness and flexibility. The more flexible your scarf is the easier it is to carry out. However, the ones that are extra firm can be tricky to wear therefore make sure you are checking out the fabric by touching them and only then buying them for yourself.

Select with care

Follow the rule of thumb while getting the scarf which is to check on the softness and the quality of the scarf checked. Make sure you are pampering all your senses with the exclusive scarf while you are shopping for the softest pieces that are easy to touch once they are draped around your neck easily and give an ample of fall to the look as well. When we talk about choosing with care, we are not only talk about fabric but also talking about the quality of the fabric.

Cashmere, silk, charmeuse and soft knit are the many kinds of the fabrics that are quite soft and pleasing to touch and looks equally exquisite to the eyes as well. Since the thick and high-quality knits are in fashion this winter, fill your wardrobe with these kinds of stuff and you will be glad you have picked the right outfit.

Check all sides

One of the biggest mistakes that most of the women and men both make is they check only one side of the scarf, which is the biggest red flag. You have got to check the both sides in order to ensure you are getting the perfect scarf for yourself. The print on the front side might be pretty attractive and enticing and would make you want to ignore the back side but do not fall for the trick. No matter how pretty the front side is, always check the backside of the scarf as well.

The less expensive scarves often end up bleeding right after the first wash. These brands use blotchy colors which come off the moment you wash them.

In case you come across the scarves that look similar from both sides that is the point you have to give your heart and money to it. This is the scarf that deserves your money and space in your wardrobe.

Get the longer one

Go for the scarf that is longer in the length, the one that are long and sleek they end up making an exceptional cover ups. You can turn them around in any way you want you can work them to your advantage and hide your short waist and necks. In case you are more on the busty side and want to hide some fat (which we do not recommend) you can use these long scarves and give yourself a more elongated and balanced look.

Moreover, you can also wrap it all around your neck and worn it in a loose loop leaving their ends dangling on both the sides. In case you are looking to get some chick and lasing impression on your significant other or your boss, we recommend you get the long scarves.

There is a plethora of scarves available out there and we all know how confusing it gets when we go scarf shopping, now a days coat style abayas & kaftan style abayas is also in trending we hope this guide made things a little easy for you!

Fariha Waseem a fashion designer and digital influencer working at blackcamels