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10 ways to make your clothes last longer

Dressing well is the expression of good manners. In this globalized world, human contact has increased exponentially. Every event in life, every meeting or meetup demands a changed look i.e., different outfits. Spending a major chunk of your budget on buying clothes is not the solution. The trick is to make your clothes last longer. This approach is not only budgeting-friendly but is also eco-friendly. The following article enlists 10 ways to make your clothes last longer.

1.    Invest in the quality of clothes

The only way to make your clothes last longer is to invest in the quality of the fabric. If you only buy cheap clothes they will not last long. It does not mean that you always buy expensive clothes.  Price tags can tell a lot about the quality of fabric but it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy cheap clothes. High-quality clothes can prevent you from buying the same clothes twice.

2.    Do not wash your clothes regularly

You don’t have to wash your clothes regularly. Wash them only when you smell the bad odor or they look dirty. You can wear the same clothes more than three times if they are not smelly or dirty. Washing clothes regularly makes the fabric of your clothes weak.

3.    Use refreshers for your clothes

Avoid over washing if you want your clothes to last longer. When you don’t wash your clothes regularly they might smell stale. To get rid of that bad odor, you must use refreshers either chemicals or organic products. Refreshers can make your clothes look new and fresh.

4.    Don’t chemical detergents

All detergents have little or more amount of chemicals. Chemicals make your clothes weak and they look dull. Using more detergents is not only expensive but it could also get away the shine in your clothes. Try to use only one scoop, but don’t try to exceed this if you want your clothes to last longer.

5.    Separate clothes before washing

Don’t wash all your clothes together. When you wash all your clothes together, bright colors will run into the white clothes and change them into colorful ones. To avoid this situation you must separate all of your clothes before washing.

6.    Don’t hang heavy clothes

Most of us hang out in heavy clothes, but we all are doing it wrong. It makes them old and dull. When the fabric is hanging, your clothes will lose their shape. However, when you fold your heavy clothes the fabric doesn’t stretch and the clothes remain new for more than usual.

7.    Try to turn down the iron

Most of us iron our clothes when the iron is too hot. It’s not good for your clothes. Avoid ironing your clothes at all costs. You are doing a favor to your clothes when you don’t iron them or do it less often.

8.    Wash your washing machine

Before washing your clothes or putting them into the washing machine wash your washing machine. Because your washing machine might build a layer of soap and it’s not good for your clothes. So always wash your washing machine before washing your clothes or add some lemon or vinegar.

9.    Don’t dry clean

When you dry clean your clothes you are using harsh chemicals. It makes your clothes dull and they will not last long. Most of us think that it’s good for our clothes. As they don’t have to use detergents or washing machines but it’s quite the opposite. So avoid dry cleaning as much as you can.

10.         Zip up your clothes

Clothes having zips might ruin other clothes in the process of washing. So don’t leave them open. Zip up all your zippers.