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Feel First: Belly Rings Trends You Need to Know About

The late nineties saw the rise of the belly button ring trend, and artists like Britney Spears popularized it. With Covid-19 spearheading to pave the way to two years of home isolation, many old clothes and styles have made their way into people’s lives.

The revival of the low-rise jeans, Y2K staples, and belly rings seems to be heading back into people’s lives as they prepare to move out in the open again. Recently the belly ring hashtag on Instagram has swept up a whopping 50 million views.

Artistic and svelte belly rings- women love indulging in something as elegant and opulent as these rings. In the springs and summers, women wore their cropped tops and flaunted their belly rings. Come autumn, as women start wrapping themselves in layers and layers of clothes, they still try to find a way for their belly rings.

Every piercing is significant in some way, so do the belly piercings have their significance. The Egyptians believed belly rings to be a vessel of ritualistic transformations accompanying life from Earth to eternity. It was with them that belly rings and the concept of navel piercings took shape.

If you are here to find the right trendy belly ring for your navel piercing, then we are here to share a few ideas with you. Each design would stand out, adding the right amount of glamor to your body. These belly piercings can take up to seven months to dry, and a 14-gauge curved barbell drills a hole in your belly.

  1. Dangles for your belly bottom rings

Dangles are the most eye-catching and fancy belly rings, and people have tried different dangle designs all the time. From dream catchers to sacred trees, people love to flaunt their dangles. Some even try their favorite zodiac shapes, gems, and totems when searching for the right piece.

If you have some design in mind that can be hanged from your belly piercing, do not feel shy, instead, go, try it out in the open.

  • Non-dangling belly rings

Non-dangling belly rings are also quite famous, and suit office wears the best. Try out the floral pattern, crystal curved barbels for a change.

Even though they do not dangle, but they still shift all eyes to your belly. Sparkling gemstones like rhinestones, opal, giant pearls, and even diamonds can coruscate even in the dimmest lights.

  • Spiral twister belly rings

Twisting spirals are nothing but twisted barbels that screw around your navel. Try a metal twister with bright glowing or sparkling blobs off gems for a change, and you won’t regret wearing one ever.

  • Beaded belly rings

If you love the plain-Jane-oomph-look, then go for the hoops. Simple hoops or the ones with tension-held beads can complete your look in the office as much as in a party.

  • Multiple steel balls for belly rings

In a recent trend, there has been a rise in the multiple symmetric belly piercing style. The symmetric arrangement of steel balls is being looked at, as a style statement, for those bored with one piercing to decorate.

Do you not love these five ideas? Trust us when we say these would go with every attire and occasion. Choose one or choose all and experiment with them whenever you can to find out the best belly ring collection for yourself.