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Why you should quit fast fashion straight away

The fast fashion industry is an important topic to discuss when we want to save our environment and ecosystem, save our resources and encourage modernization in our clothing culture. To know why we should quit fast fashion, it is crucial to understand what fast fashion is and how fast fashion impacts our ecosystem? It is also important to know about sustainable fashion

and its uses in order to protect our ecosystem.

As we move forward with awareness and global impact statistics that fast fashion has given us, we should take a step to become a Fashion Activist, and start quitting fast fashion on top priority. It may take some years to adopt slow fashion and say a Yes to recycling, upcycling and reusing my fashion statements, and become the change needed for our Earth. 

The initial step that can guide you to walk on the path of “This Change” is quitting those usual shopping habits – like where you want something new to wear to a party, but you know you will only wear it once, so you want to purchase something cheap. It is the mentality of our society that will require a bit of a change for our planet. And as we know, with our unity and efforts, it is not impossible to gift back the generosity that we had lent to our Earth!!


A clear idea about Fast fashion is the fashion that interrupts the environment in some way and damages our resources in a longer period of time. However, it can also be explained in just 3 points: (1) Low Price Point (2) Synthetic Materials (3) Made in Bangladesh or other countries with high poverty rates.

Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of greenwashing in our societies. H&M now has changed its perspective in the fashion industry and has a ‘sustainable’ collection where you can purchase a dress for well under $50, which means the garment worker could not have made a living wage. These kinds of practices make us feel more waved on to quitting fast fashion from our lives.


  1. You want quality clothes, don’t you?

When you buy something for yourself, obviously you desire good quality products. You can prefer to buy vintage if you want to be confirmed about the quality of the products. Vintage items were produced before the textile industry shifted to low-quality textiles and moved its factories to China and Bangladesh in the 1990s. These products were made up of high quality and had good shelter life. If a shirt is still good after 20 years of its production, it has already passed the test of time. Also, you can reshape, redesign, and DIY your vintage outfits for the coming fashion trends in our industry. These long lifetimes make vintage items durable and eco-friendly – which is hardly true of fast fashion clothes that fall apart after only a few wears.

  • Profiteering of Textile Workers

One of the major reasons to quit fast fashion in today’s era. It feels sad to visualize exploitation that is being done to the hard-working workers of fashion industries. Many unethical practices are procured in the fashion industry, which needs to be immediately stopped to respect the efforts and hardships that a man had put for your fashion. For this, the decision-makers have also put some effort to gain some honour and respect for these hard-working fashion helpers.

  • Negative Environmental Impacts

Sadly, the fashion industry that designs our outfits disturbs the environmental fit to a large extend. It is one of the world’s top 5 polluters. Our clothes are mostly made up of synthetic materials like polyester, which can take 20 to 200 years to decompose, damaging our planet to a very harsh level. Creating synthetic threads involves toxic chemicals and uses LOTS of water that is eventually exploiting our water resources. In addition to this, the dyes and chemicals are most dangerous and toxic. These chemicals end up in the waterways, making the water toxic and unproductive, and useless.

The most common material used for clothing after synthetic material is cotton, cultivated using toxic pesticides, which is terrible for the ecosystem and health of the helpers and eventually every human being. Therefore, it is advised to stop using fast fashion and start reusing, recycling, and revamping your clothes as the entire process of a fast fashion garment has little (or no) regard for the planet and people. 

  • Costs You More in the Long Run

If you purchase something that defines street or cheap shopping, you know that the product will not last long as the cost of the product says about how it would have been produced, what material must have been used, and what wages must have been given the hard-working hands. This eventually raises a concern: why are we tilting to fast fashion when it is so harmful, is of low quality, and is dangerous for the resources?  

We must understand that purchasing low-quality or cheap products lead to more purchasing and destruction of the environment in the 10 times worst way. 

5. Changes the Value We Put on Fashion

One of the most heartfelt and disappointing parts of fast fashion is the change in our clothing pattern. Most of us don’t have any emotional or financial value to our clothing. Neither do we cherish fashion as a form of art form or something. It is expected to be more lovable, cherished, and honoured as money and a lot of efforts have come together to put up your one single outfit. Again, a factor of humanity, emotional concern, a little heart-warming gesture is necessary for your clothes. People have started taking clothing as an asset to flaunt and then flush away and have lost respect for their clothes and the helpers involved in making your outfits.

6.This leads to overconsumption and overproduction.

“Look at my new outfit!!1, this was on sale!! Instead, start using the lines #who made this, # what material is in your clothing statements. The process of the sale and fake flaunting had given a wing to fast fashion. The throw-away and no to recycling business model of fast fashion manipulate and trigger our fashion appetite; it makes the purchase and buying of clothes more and more every year. This has led to another parameter threatening our globe. Both global sales of clothes and clothing production have just multiplied by two in the last 20 years. Therefore, the time has arrived to ask ourselves how many clothes are you planning to throw into the garbage last year? 

Yet, there are enormous reasons to quit fast fashion, and the list goes on. The major reason is environmental damage and ill-treatment of the helpers. Of course, other reasons are also quite disheartening. The time has come when we need to join our hands and take a start to say NO to fast fashion and accept sustainable fashion in our lives.

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