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The Uniform Centre: How to Curate a Work Wardrobe

Curating a wardrobe that is not only fashionable but suited to you and your lifestyle can be difficult. If you aren’t careful, it can result in a costly investment. However, utilizing minimalism will allow you to create a wardrobe with intention and remove the need to constantly shop to find items you actually like. This saves you a significant amount of time and money in the long run.

Once you have a wardrobe that only consists of these items, you have the ability to quickly create seamless outfits that look incredible on you before your long day ahead. Many studies throughout the years have shown that the confidence you feel in the way you look actually reflects in your work performance. Therefore, putting time into streamlining your work wardrobe certainly pays off in more ways than one.

Evaluate your current clothes and declutter

To create your personal, curated wardrobe, you will need to intentionally evaluate each item using the KonMari Method. This method encourages you to declutter by sections to see the full amount you own in each section – clothes, sentimental items, paper, miscellaneous items and books. It’s recommended to dedicate at least a full day to this as you’ll cause a lot more mess before you are able to actually dwindle down what you own and reorganize. 

Begin by emptying out all your clothes into a large pile. Pick up each item at a time and ask yourself if it sparks joy. Do you feel a little thrill when you feel it? If the answer is no, place it into a charity, sell or chuck pile. There is an exception – keep the item if you really need it. For instance, a pen may not spark joy but you do need it to write things down. This method will gradually enable you to reduce your belongings and feel joy in your space. 

Curate a capsule wardrobe

Minimalism has become popular for a reason. As consumerism and fast fashion became a large part of society, capsule wardrobes have since been introduced to enable people to purchase high quality statement items and less of it. The end capsule wardrobe result is approximately 25 to 50 items that you love, suit you, fit you and can easily be mixed and matched in busy mornings. The goal is in line with the KonMari method – creating an organised clutter-free wardrobe that sparks joy and frees up time for more important memories. 

This is a long process. It may take years of slowly selling items, wearing through them and donating. A quick fix is to store away items and rotate your items periodically or every season. Alternatively, if this number of items is too small, it’s recommended you create a capsule wardrobe for only your workwear. In this manner, you can go straight to this area in the morning and can put together outfits easily. 

The key element in your capsule wardrobe is statement pieces. These are essentials that make an impact on your outfits and can be mixed and matched smoothly. Think a blazer, tailored pants, black shoes, white office top, and more. The additional benefit and reason why statement pieces are frequented in capsule wardrobes are the fact they are timeless, so you won’t be wasting your money by purchasing quality statement pieces. There are many companies that specialize in workwear – we’d recommend either purchasing from these or gaining inspiration by scrolling through their sites.  

Only keep and buy items suited to you

Without dedicating time to learning the elements of fashion, it can be difficult to know exactly what is suited to you. There are two key areas to focus on – body shape and seasonal colour pallet. Of course, body shape often can change, whereas colour pallet refers to the skin undertones, eye colour and hair colour. Picking items suited to your body shape will accentuate your best features.  Learning your ‘season’ will automatically tell you the colour tones you should wear in order to truly look your best. 

When you are undertaking a declutter and curating your wardrobe, ensure you have done your research. You can simply research body types online to determine which shape you are. There are various articles and tests to help you determine your seasonal colour palette. This will reveal those colours which will scientifically make you glow and highlight your beautiful features, and will also reveal those that will do the opposite. Your goal is to make a statement when you walk in a room.

Implementing these tips will not only assist you in creating a work wardrobe that is suited to you, but one that includes timeless, statement pieces, allowing you to seamlessly create work outfits. Fashion and your knowledge on the topic will continue to evolve. Always purchase less, but higher quality. Once you have put together your wardrobe, reevaluate seasonally. Sell those items you no longer need or want. Collectively, these tips will save you time and money. 

Olivia Fairhurst is a business owner and content manager for various clients, including The Uniform Centre.

Olivia studied a degree in communications, majoring in journalism and has past experience as a journalist and Senior PR executive.

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