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How To Tell If 925 Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring Is Real?

How Does Moonstone Look?

Moonstone is a very soft stone with a radiant appearance that looks fantastic when worn into the sterling 925 silver jewelry. This jewelry has a positive effect on the body of the person wearing the stone. It belongs to the feldspar family and looks beautiful in blue and white color. It also resembles the iridescent sheen of the moon. Moonstone has the capability to bring out the silver with its spectacular colors capturing everyone’s attention. The stone has an extraterrestrial-like glow caused by the scattering from the multiple layers of the microscopic feldspar. They could also be found in the hues of brown, gray, green, orange, and colorless.

Birthstone for June Babies

They are the birthstone for the people born in the month of June, giving them some unique healing energies. Especially when someone is going to start something new, it is fantastic for them, as it gives them the inner strength and growth for the new beginning. This stone soothes the emotional turmoil and stress, making the person calm. And due to its calming properties, this moonstone ring proves to be excellent for office-going people, as it will always make you listen more and would give you the ability to understand things in a better way. It will promote the inspiration inside the person related to business matters. Moreover, the stone calms down the emotions, strengthening the good relationship around the people in the office.

Moonstone- Stone of Love

If you are wondering what to gift your partner this time, I would suggest you, and nothing is better than the Sliver Moonstone ring. Your partner would love you even more after seeing the elegant and incredible Moonstone. In addition, this stone is known for increasing the love between the couples and making them closer to each other with better mutual understanding. This stone promotes love and peace in the future marriage. Many people are going for the Moonstone ring as their engagement ring, as it looks pretty and has wonderful healing properties.

Keeping The Moonstone Safe and Recharged

As the Moonstone ring has so many benefits, our responsibility is to keep it safe and long last. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean the stone, don’t use any hard chemical substance to clean it. Otherwise, it will lose its shine for what it is actually so costly for. Protect the Moonstone ring from scratching as this stone rates six on the Mohs scale hardness. Also, never use any mechanical systems like ultrasonic or the streams for cleaning your stone. Moonstone ring should be worn at last while getting ready as it should not come in contact with chemical substances like lotion, make-up, perfumes, creams, sprays. And always remember to remove the ring at first when you get back to your home after-party or working day.

Moonstone jewelry needs to be recharged timely to maintain its shining appearance and healing properties. You can keep the stone under the moonlight on the full moon day in a bowl to renew it. It will again have its incredible shine and benefits once it is recharged beneath the moon.

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