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7 Skills Require to Become a Successful Fashion Designer

While choosing a career, the biggest questions are “Would it be the right choice for you? Will you be able to excel in it financially? What assurity does it show for a financially stable and a successful career?” Well, to answer all of these, you need to look into yourself, your skills, how far do you need to work on it? Are you skilled enough? The profession you choose for yourself,  is it your passion, or do you love it enough to spend your whole life with it? Because in all uncertainty, one thing you must be aware of, that success comes after excellence, and to achieve success, you need to excel your skills.

Fashion designers’ skill set

Fashion tends to attract young minds, mostly in the age of 16-20, many of us want to pursue fashion. It looks all sparkling, a free space to design what we always loved, may seem an easy job to some from the very outer surface. But it’s never a cake walk. However, the myth about the creative professions being a source of easy money refutes itself when one digs into it. Everything requires knowledge, taste, skills, technical knowledge, proper education, and above all, and the most rare, creativity. While pursuing a fashion design course one must be aware of every such thing as education, understanding of colours, patterns and shapes, in brief, a whole bucket of skills to check on. Making it easier, here are the top 7 emphasis on.


Fashion has been an important aspect of every society and culture. It holds values religiously, culturally and most important personally. To understand the impact of fashion, how practical it is, what the root of particular styles and patterns are, one needs to have a strong hold on history and changing styles from time to time. It provides a broader perspective to designers, enables wider vision and enhances creativity, and most importantly makes it easy to make your product relatable for people around you, or your target customer.


It’s not particular to any field, but all creative professions require a sense to create something new, unique and of your own. It may be sometimes tough to come up with something new regularly, but that’s what the challenge is, and that’s where knowledge helps you. Also fashion is something through which you talk about yourself by your appearance, since everyone is unique, you just need to bring out your uniqueness in your work, and taa daa !

Sketching Skills

Before jumping on to the sewing machine directly, one needs to draw out a sketch of your imagination. Once you get it drawn, you get an exact map of what you wanted your project to be. But to put down your exact imagination, you must master the art of sketching. A good presentation will make it far easier to achieve the final product. Efficiency in drawing exact patterns, designs, textures is what a designer needs in the very beginning of his/her career.

Sense of Styling 

To interpret your ideas, you need to be clear with what colour and fabric you need to choose, and how to mould it the visualization of your imagination. Designers have a strong hold over fabrics and their combinations with colours, suiting it for people around, and how to draw out personalities from it. Practicality of fashion is totally dependent over acceptance of it by the user, or the who gonna wear it. But it also depends on the idea of attire if it is properly conveyed to the user, and it is possible only with proper styling.

Strong Sewing Skills

There’s no doubt about how important sewing skills are for a job like fashion designing. It may seem easy at first, but sewing includes many stages and complex manners to accomplish before you get confident about sewing. It depends on many aspects, such as fabric type, desired body structure, styling of fabric and more. It requires hard work to attain perfection in sew a complete attire.

Learn to Business

At the end, it’s the market we have to work in, to know it and to learn how to make a place into it a very crucial part. There are many aspects one needs to determine such as marketing, finance, sales and a lot more. One requires managing skills along with marketing and basic financial knowledge to manage the business or financial terms efficiently. Understanding the market is not confined in business terms, but is very essential if you work for someone, to know your actual worth and work accordingly.

Constant learner

Learning is a continuous process, especially in fields like fashion that change with a blink. To keep yourself in trend, you must first be aware of what the trend is, learn about it’s details and find your way to own it. Keeping up with time is what every industry wants, and to make it possible one should always be a keen learner, irrespective of your rage and experience in the field.

These are some major skills to look into, but the skill set is not limited to the list. It holds so much more in it. The list surely covers basic points, but as every human is unique, he/she always comes up with something. But to accomplish it all, the first step is always to hop on board and know yourself, join summer fashion camps, learn new things and explore your ways of fashion.

Author Bio

Robin Miller is a published author of House of Dezign blogs and is passionate about sewing and fashion designing. His words encouraged many beginners around the world to start their career in fashion design.