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Draping Ideas Of Your Dupatta with All Dresses

Everybody loves a traditional dress which enhances your appearance and makes you appear more vibrant. It’s the time for holidays that last through the end of the year. Most of us prefer to dress in our finest attires perhaps a traditional salwar kameez or anarkali or lehenga. These are gorgeous choices that are especially appealing if it’s particular style. However, there’s one element that can completely change your look and that is your dress.

There are a myriad of patterns, designs and ways of creating diverse looks from the same clothing. The dupatta you wear is an illustration of how simple salwar outfit can be stunning when paired with a heavy dupatta draping perfect.

1. One side shoulder idea

Ideal best suited for Anarkali outfits with a heavy dupatta, a one-sided drape is sure to let the neckline to shine. It is standard for women to wear their lehenga blouses in the same way.

It is possible that you don’t think of wearing any of them, but it’s a more comfortable option because your salwar is adorned with the hefty embroidery or zari pattern on it. But do you think that something is missing from your whole look? It’s that one-shoulder drape that can give a different look to your look and make heads turn even in a crowd, while keeping you content with what you’ve put on.

2. Shoulder and Wrist Drape Idea 

Perhaps there’s an occasion which requires you to dress elegant, but also lets you show off your dancing moves. In this situation, choose a gorgeous intricately designed or embroidered dupatta, and then pin it to either shoulder while wrapping the other around your wrist.  Long chunnis are a great match because they are quite long and are easy to wrap and not fall off.

3. Huge Pleats with A Waist Belt Idea

A waist belt is a great accessory. Many women prefer to wear the kamar chabi as well. Your dupatta should be folded into large pleats to ensure it’s only your corner of the zari is visible in length. The colour contrast is important since you don’t like not to be wearing too many random designs in one go that could seem heavy and took over the top. It is also possible to wear this look on lehenga or cholis or Anarkali suits. Be sure to put the zari design of the dupatta on the front of your shoulder and you’re ready to go.

4. Rajarani Style Idea

Are you able to hear the melody of the flute? The gopi is a well-known drape, it got its name because of how goddesses were dressed in earlier times. It’s not just for special the context of events and programs however, it is also used for puja mandaps that are special puja mandaps, the Rajarani style can make you appear like a royal. For this, the best attires include Lehenga Cholis, Punjabi as well as Patiala outfits and even the shararas which you can order from Libas e Jamila.

5. Cross Draping Idea

This is among the simplest ways to style your churidar outfit by wearing an afghan. Bring the edges of both in length, then put them in a pin, and then put it on either side on your shoulder. Pleats make it look more appealing as the patterns will curve over your shoulders, then fall down into your waist, and remain secured beneath your thighs.

6. Ideas of Use Two Dupattas at Once 

It’s not a big surprise that using two distinct designs for draping, one with a heavier and one that is basic, it actually looks amazing. Dhoti salwar suits that have dupattas generally require more volume to them. Spread the one with the embroidered design over your chest and tie the lighter or shimmering shaded dupatta around your waist. An innovative approach to complete coverage. 

7. Fully Wrapped Idea

You can look like a true princess by draped in a beautiful, embellished dupatta over your head. You can also wrap your hair around with beautiful flowers that speak out from your hair. Everyone remembers playing as a princess in our childhood and trying to dress up our regular house clothes by wearing our mother’s favourite dupatta. Make it real this time and be sure you wear large earrings. They will complement the dress.

8. Pleats Draping Idea

Making pleats is a lot easier than you think it would pleat can be. Spread your hands out and hold the entire length of your dupatta. Carefully divide it half and then in half again until the remainder of the length can’t be folded any more. Then, slowly ensure that all edges are aligned on one side, and then fold them onto the other side. And there’s your perfect tied dupatta. Be sure to put it on your salwar, too because you don’t want your hard-earned effort to go to waste.


The way you dress and style your outfit is crucial nowadays as we must keep current with fashions and appear the most attractive. Even your salwar kameez can be refined by the way you dress your dupatta. It’s a distinct style of art, and you can become an artist, too. Follow the steps that are easy, and you’ll be able to master the art of changing an entire outfit in just some techniques.

But it’s impossible to dress that you don’t love at all and that’s why you need to find the most fashionable ones from online and from normal cloth shop.