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What To Wear On A First Date – Make The Best First Impression

First dates can seem daunting, you are stepping into the unknown with the hopes of finding the perfect partner. Perhaps you don’t want to come across as too much of a try-hard, or maybe you are the kind of person who dresses to impress no matter the occasion. The venue can also put a spanner in the works, not only do you have the decision of what to wear for your hot date but you want to match your outfit with the vibe of the venue. If you are struggling, we have put together a trendy guide on what to wear depending on the occasion.

1. Dinner date

Let’s start with the posh dinner date ideas. It is not time to go full James Bond mode yet, that is for a couple of dates further down the line, or hopefully, if things blossom for when you pop the big question! Without getting too ahead of ourselves, you should aim for a classy, timeless look that isn’t doing too much or too little. The last thing your date would want is to see you making the minimal effort for them, not to mention the embarrassment if you turn up in your comfy clothes to a high-end restaurant. You might be comfortable but your date will feel uncomfortable if they are dressed up and you are not. Keep it 50/50, up top, keep it cool with a suave roll neck, and pair it with some smarter suit pants and loafers. A top tip I would recommend that a lot of men neglect is to accessorise! You do not need to be flashy to impress your date, simply wear some bracelets, a watch, and a shiny chain. This will maximise the look with minimal effort.

2. Activity Date

There are different ends of the spectrum when it comes to activity dates. You might be going for the safe option of a bowling date, or you may be an adventure junkie looking for a partner in crime and testing their resilience with kayaking. The right outfit choice will also be a practicable one, so you shouldn’t overthink this one too much. If you are going bowling there is more expectation to dress in something slightly nicer such as a men’s designer t-shirts paired with jeans, or even a nice polo will even give off a good impression. With an activity that is muddier and messier, you should make sure you can move around, so an oversized men’s hoodie is a great option. Pair it with something just as easy to move around in such as shorts or something longer like training pants. You’re still making a first impression so even if you are doing a vigorous activity course do not wear your holey tops and stained trousers. 

3. Pub drink 

Cosy pub dates are a great way to have an intimate sit-down chat to get to know people. Now this isn’t your usual Saturday night watching football with the boys, and there is a thin line between dressing like a football hooligan and looking cool casual when at a local pub. You also want your style to reflect you, so if you are a football lover who would wear your club’s top to a wedding if you could, then you should stay true to yourself. But if you are a bit lost with what to wear, dark denim jeans and smart white crisp t-shirts are always appealing. If you are accident prone go for a darker top as well to save embarrassment.

Final tips

Fashion choices aside, as long as you feel confident in what you are wearing you are already on the right track. Keep the suggestions in mind, but integrate your style into each look to reflect your personality. You may even need a styling guide to mens summer clothing to take the season into consideration. Just a few main points to keep in mind as well:

  • Be on time! Nothing gives off a worse first impression than being late. You want your date to feel like you’re excited to see them, and if you’re not why bother with the date?
  • Keep the aftershave minimal, women love a good-smelling man but anything overdone is a turnoff
  • Do not check your phone when you are on the date because it makes you seem not interested and if you need to explain why it is important 
  • Finally, make sure everything is booked and planned before the day. A man who is prepared is more attractive than one that isn’t.