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How To Rock Streetwear Like An Adult

Streetwear is a controversial style, some absolutely love the hype and graphics, whereas others can’t stand the idea of wearing brands top to bottom with bold and brash designs. This is common with older people, but the truth is that streetwear doesn’t have to be big and bold, in fact, it is an extremely versatile style as you can incorporate it with a range of different styles for a range of different occasions, including your everyday workwear. There’s a healthy balance that is needed to wear streetwear as an adult as you never want to look like you’re overdoing it or dressing too old for your age. In this article, we will talk about how to rock streetwear like an adult.

Go For Luxe Fabrics  

Until recently we have seen a change in streetwear. The original look was all about loose-fitting clothes that could withstand a fall from a skateboard which is why the materials were so thick and durable. 

Thanks to top designers, this has changed dramatically. Streetwear has moved away from the skateboard hype and has been concentrating more on creating luxe fabric items such as cargo, hoodies and designer trainers. The one thing that this opens up is the price range, these items are nothing you want to be falling off a skateboard with.

If you want to dress in streetwear as an adult, opt for more lux materials rather than utilitarian fabrics. This one change can completely transform a look, especially with a quality pair of trousers or trainers. 

Avoid Hypebeast Culture

Streetwear has always been closely associated with youth and hypebeast culture. This is why it is essential for you to avoid looking like a youth in your 30s. Many brands excel in providing items of clothing that are purely made to turn heads and make everyone want it. Brands such as Supreme, Yeezy and Jordans are all brands that do this very well. 

This is not what you want when you’re an adult though, so a more relaxed approach with simpler designs and reduce the number of graphic tees that are worn. Simpler clothing as you age is a much better look and refines the style. This isn’t to say completely stop with hype brands, just reduce the amount you wear and reduce the time you line up in a queue for the next new tred. 

Start From The Shoes And Work Up

Now we’re moving away from the hypebeast culture, it’s time to talk about the biggest hype around, designer sneakers. When it comes to a streetwear outfit, treds are like the cherry on top of the icing. Hype culture means that you are constantly looking for that new trending trainer. The problem with this is that these new trending trainers can cost an absolute fortune and let’s face it, as an adult we have more important things to be spending our money on. 

So next time you get tempted with a new pair of Yeezys, remember that you should be looking for more durable treds with brands that are highly regarded for their quality products such as Alexander McQueens that can go with almost any outfit, smart or casual. 

Go Loose, Not Baggy

Baggy outfits as we said before are dead, this was when the hip-hop culture came onto the scene. Loose is the new baggy.  In 2022, people do not need to be hiding their silhouettes or exaggerate them to fit with the oversized look. If you have a larger silhouette you may find loose fittings a little clingy, so it is important to work with your silhouette and figure out what looks best for you and how comfortable you feel.  Avoiding oversized anything is what is going to help you to define your style and silhouette.

Mix Street With Smart

If you work in an office environment, chances are in this day and age you can wear something a little more relaxed. This doesn’t mean coming into work in a tracksuit, but you could certainly incorporate some street style in your workwear. There’s a healthy balance between smart clothing and street and put together can look really cool. For example, a crisp pair of plain trainers with a pair of pants and a plain tee looks great. Pair this with a hoodie and a blazer and you have a fully working smart casual work outfit. 

Add Finishing Touches

Adding finishing touches to your outfit is just as important as those treds that you’ve been lining up for. This doesn’t mean that you need to be dressing with massive diamond chains and rings on every finger, but keep it simple with a quality watch (not a chunky G-shock) paired with a bracelet and a ring that will work great. If you prefer a necklace rather than a bracelet, then opt for that. At the end of the day, this is your style, so pick what you like. But if you are going to wear streetwear as an adult, remember to tone it down a bit with the design.