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Innovation and Inspiration in Handbags industry

Innovation and Inspiration in Handbag industry

Annual Fashion Week

Every season, the fashion world is rocked and rolled by the big fashion brands, like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior etc. The celebrities and movie stars carry on the ongoing trends by wearing the new styles to festivals, elite gatherings and movie premiers. With the hot topic and hashtags on magazines and social media, the fashion community follows up step by step for the newest inspirations and creating the run-way inspired fast fashion empire. We found this website which sells a lot of designer inspired run-way handbags hello pretty bags.

Uprising fast fashion brands

For clothes, you find Zara, H&M and recently rising Chinese brand Urban Revivo. In their shops, you easily catch the shadows of Chanel in their blazer line or YSL in their costume department. There is nothing wrong with it because fashion works like this, even those big brands got inspiration from each other. In this article, we talk specifically about innovation and inspiration in the handbag industry and introduce some brands which specialize in getting inspiration from big brands but innovate with their own features.

Intellectual property in fashion industries

Not liking clothes which is very hard to get protection from copy cats, handbags and accessories can be protected from it because they are 3D objects which can be considered as models. Chanel has its signature handbag classic quilted flap bag 2.55, Hermes has its Birkin and Kelly bag, Dior has its newest popular saddle bag. All these signature handbags have huge influence in handbag industries, factories run day and night to reproduce something similar, something lookalike, something imitating or even fake. The Question is would you like to wear a poorly made A copy piece to see friends or attend some fancy parties? For me, I would choose some other brands than wearing copies, what if someone recognizes it is fake? It is going to be so embarrassing!

Some places for cheaper handbags to visit

There are many fast fashions selling handbags as their second category products, however I found the bags are not gorgeous enough! Because for me, bags are everything! It adds more value in beauty than clothes, I can wear an aliexpress dress but the handbag has to be fine leather, gold shining hardware! I discovered this website which specializes in designer inspired handbags where you can find maybe two shades of Chanel but it is not a copy. The designer gets inspirations from some classic handbags but innovates with his own designs! The prices are between 50-100 USD, and they run buy one get one free promotions. Normally you can find some nice pieces even with free gift bags! Check it out!