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Small Additions You Can Make To Improve Your Home

Making your home look beautiful and keeping up with the trends can be difficult to do on a budget and with a lack of time on your hands. Updating your living spaces can however be very beneficial to do for a myriad of reasons. Studies have shown that your mental health can improve when small changes are made to your everyday spaces, especially if you work from home. Here are some of the best small additions you can make to your home to keep your living spaces fresh. 

Kitchen Appliances

Updating your kitchen appliances so they better match your kitchen theme can be a great way to make the space look more editorial. Creating a cohesive look can also make your kitchen look cleaner and more modern. Making sure your kettle, toaster and oven all match in terms of colour is a great way to subtly update your home. Getting brand new appliances such as an air fryer or roti maker is also a good way to keep your kitchen feeling up-to-date. 

Wall Decor

There are many different types of wall decor which can really improve the look of your home. Hand-stitched embroidery pieces are a really great way to enhance your interior decoration, especially if you favour a boho-chic look. Canvas prints can also look especially stunning if matched with the themes and colours of the home interiors. If you have a more contemporary home, neon lights can also make your living spaces stand out. There are many different types of wall art, from iron pieces to ceramic artworks that can suit any home. They are a great way to add pops of colour to your home. 


Do you find that your spaces look small and cramped? Mirrors placed in the right areas can add much needed dimension and space into your home. They make the space look much larger. Because mirrors reflect light, it can also make your space look much brighter. Natural light can be very beneficial to your mental health. Well-crafted luxury mirrors are fantastic for adding a touch of elegance to your living spaces. Adding a large mirror in your hallway can make a fantastic conversation piece.


Rugs are a fantastic way to make your home look more prestigious. They improve the insulation of your home as they stop heat from leaving, and they’re great for sound control if you live in an apartment. However, seeing rugs as artwork for your floor can be a great way to make your living spaces look better. A well-selected rug can enhance the colours in your interior design and really tie your room together. 

Light Fixtures

Changing the lighting around your home can be a great way to improve the way your interiors look. Firstly, different lighting fixtures can change the way light is dispersed throughout your rooms. This can change the way the colours of your interiors look. Secondly, different types of lighting fixtures can elevate your home massively. Making sure your home lighting matches the features of your home can elevate your spaces and make the look more cohesive. For example, if you’re a fan of classical decor, chandelier style and vintage lighting can really give an upgrade to your interior decor style. Making sure these features match well can go a long way when it comes to improving your spaces. 

Storage Boxes

Finding storage for all of your personal items and everyday essentials can be difficult whilst maintaining the artistic look of your living spaces. Looking for storage boxes that match your interior decoration look can be a great way to add useful but stylish decor to your home. For example, if you’re a fan of a classical look, wooden storage boxes or an antique coffee table with storage built in can be a great addition that is both useful and stylish. If you’re a fan of a more contemporary look, crush velvet storage boxes in the colours matching the rest of your home furnishings can really tie your space together. This is a great idea for your laundry room ideas.

Pillows and Furnishings 

Another small thing you can add to your living spaces are small home comforts such as pillows and ornaments. Cushions are really comfy and can make your living space look more cohesive and thought out. If you’re on a budget, just upgrade your existing sofa cushions with some luxury cushion covers. This way, you won’t have to buy all new cushions, but they will be massively upgraded. You can instantly make your home look much more editorial. Adding small ornaments and additional accessories, such as houseplants or coffee table books, can also be a great way to subtly transform the space.