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Walmart- Gift Ideas for Secret Santa at Office

Secret Santa is one of the first games that pop up during Christmas month. It is also known as Yankee swap or white elephant. The game is quite popular among every generation. Children, teenagers, and adults enjoy themselves equally. Every name of the participant is written on a piece of paper, and they are allowed to take a random one. The name written on the Paper piece is the Christmas friend.

The one who got this paper has to give a present to that secret friend. It is a common concern that what has to be given to Christmas friends. This is a platform to rectify all such confusion. Walmart has launched Christmas sales for customers. Visit Walmart shopping to explore the new arrivals . In an office there will be unique kinds of people. Unique people will have unique tastes. Giving a gift which matches their taste is always better.

For workaholics

 An ideal office will have a workaholic who rushes to meet deadlines and doesn’t even take a day off. That person will always be overburdened with files and presentations. For such people, gifting a hamper containing a relaxing and satisfying gift will be very helpful. As stress busters, buy a small jar of satisfying slime with a fruity flavor. Smashing this slime will reduce stress. A scalp massager is a funny, yet useful gift. Massaging with this can give a tickling effect as well as stimulates blood circulation in the brain. Thus, the person can be more productive.

Work stress is one of the causes of dark circles and wrinkles. In that case, a face massager along with some refreshing face masks can be gifted. Any two or three of the above items along with a Christmas card will bring a smile to the face. Worried about the price of the items? Recently, Walmart has introduced astonishing discounts for its customers. Visit Walmart Sales to know more about it.

For that cute rookie 

Rookies are the ones who get more tasks. Lack of experience and task burden burns their head like the furnace. Giving a small notepad, ball pen and sticky notes of vibrant colors will work. Since they are at an early age, their health has to be considered. A wristband that can show calories burned and a shaker bottle can be gifted. If that Rookie is keen on decorating a cabin with cute things, consider buying a small calendar, planner, and planner.

Furthermore, buy some stationery to fill the pen holder. It will be of daily use to them. If they have posted pictures on social media with their teddy bear, it is obvious that they love stuffed toys. A cute plushie along with a Christmas tree keychain and some balloons will complete the picture. Want to buy all these from the same place at a low price? Visit Walmart and use Walmart discount codes to get more discounts. Lucky customers will get a huge plushie worth ₹599 for free.

Cold manager 

 One has to think thrice before giving a gift to a cold manager who always shouts at employees. To keep him calm, try giving him a vintage. Formal gifts can be preferred in this scenario. If the gift has to show humbleness and low key, a classy tie can be gifted. An Eau De Parfum of strong base notes will work. Branded pens to tuck in his Shirt pockets is also an option. It will be of daily use for signing important papers. A formal-looking year planner will help him schedule his important client meetings.

A branded wallet to keep his money and other important cards is a good gifting option. Whatever the gift is, to try to impress him by giving him a homemade plum cake for his family also. Anxious about the price range? Yes! It is possible to gift branded products at affordable prices. Collect Walmart coupons and get price cuts beyond belief.

Beauty Queen /king 

A normal office is incomplete without a beauty queen. It is not difficult to think about what has to be gifted to her. An entire facial kit, a Pedicure kit, or a manicure kit can be gifted to her. If she is fond of lipstick, A set of matte lipstick can be gifted to her. Similarly, Jewellery, outfits, and any other accessories can be attempted. A man who is beauty conscious will care about his hair. Any hair care product will make him happy. Branded shoes, outfits, sunglasses, etc as per his taste will work. Use Walmart Coupon codes to get unbelievable discounts. Buy one get one offer for cool sunglasses. Grab it today itself.

Bookish introvert 

 Every office has an introvert who speaks to no one except his/her work and reads books while sitting idly. Try gifting a new lens frame if they are using specs and need to change the frame. Every bookworm has a favorite genre. Try to know their favorite genre and author. Gifting a book that matches these two things will make them happy. The first thing that they will do is smell the book. The smell of a new book is really addictive. Some people hate folding the corners as a bookmark. Buy or make a beautiful bookmark and gift along with the book. Sticky notes to note catchy lines are also an addition. Try BerryLook deals to explore new arrivals.


There is no particular category of gifts meant for interns. It can be as simple as a keychain and as heavy as a Gucci bag. It depends on the giver. Since the interns will be for a short period, Both useful and memorable gifts have to be given to them. A milk mug can cover both of these factors. It is both useful and can be stored as a memory. Giving just a milk mug will be too plain. Fill the mug with chocolates and candies. Keep a few jingle bells and miniatures of Santa so that they can keep them on their Christmas tree. Use Walmart promo codes to purchase cool milk mugs!

Christmas arrives with joy and departs with memories. What remains are the souvenirs. It teaches the chapter of love, sharing, fraternity, and the bitterness of sacrifice. Giving something to someone wholeheartedly is one of the best qualities that one should acquire. The exchange of gifts through secret Santa is a part of it. Want to present a  few good things for loved ones? Don’t skip exploring Walmart offers