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Is Moldavite Stone Better Than Other Gemstones?

I would leave the answer to this question on you, whether Moldavite is better than other gemstones or not. I would like you to decide this after knowing everything about the Moldavite crystals.  

Brief About Moldavite 

Out of the thousands of gemstones, Moldavite has the potential to capture the viewer’s eyes. It is the gem that can transform the lives of its owner. Let us learn in detail about this gemstone. 

Formation Of These Crystals

The real Moldavite is a translucent forest green gemstone with high healing properties. This rare gemstone is formed in an intergalactic event, and it is the impact of the comets’ and meteoroids’ activity that took place around 14.8 million years ago. And importantly, these crystals are only found in the area of the Czech Republic, the only place in the world. 

Moldavite crystals are set into sterling 925 silver, rose gold, yellow gold jewelry. It is desired in subtle faceted pieces and is often worn in an attractive style, making statements. Let us know how it enhances your style assertions.    

Styling With Moldavite 

These green crystals can be paired with every kind of outfit. These jewelry pieces can be worn on a regular basis or only for some special occasion as well. Because of its deep green texture and the reddish-brown bubble inclusion, these rough stone enriches the aura of the women. It looks lovely with pink, red, yellow, and brown shades. Moreover, it can be a piece of ideal jewelry worn into wedding functions. Adding them to your wardrobe will not only bring magnificence, but it will develop healing energies, which will help the viewer in many ways.   

Healing Properties Of Moldavite 


Wearing the Moldavite aids in fulfilling the deepest wishes and desires. Holding or wearing this crystal for the first time will allow the wearer to feel the sensation in the hands and body. The ones who are starting or thinking of starting a business can wear the Moldavite ring in their hands. It will help them to take the business reach the heights of success and prosperity.  

The individual becomes more creative, developing their mind to think for new and innovative ideas. It even allows you to make an eternal connection with your highest self and give you the confidence to present yourself in front of the world. The stone has relationships with the universe, as it is one of the most remarkable stones to meditate along with. 

It is beneficial as it has the power to bring the energies of love, commitment, and promise. Using the gem to propose the girlfriend or gift it on the special occasion of the anniversary to the spouse can strengthen the relationship. Necklace, ring, earrings, or pendants are the best way to wear this gemstone in the form of jewelry. 

This crystal is also worn for dispelling the negative energies from life. It helps the person to overcome the problem of emotional traumas, stress, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.  

Do’s And Don’t For Moldavite. 

Always clean the Moldavite jewelry after wearing it from clean water and fresh cloth. You can use mild soap and water to clean the gemstone. But never use any kind of steamer or ultrasonic cleaners to clean the gem, as it can cause the color change into the stone. 

Never keep the stone under the sunlight for long, as it would lose its originality. Remove the gem while doing any work related to chemicals or while washing dishes, clothes, or gardening. Chlorine can also damage the stone, so take it off before going into swimming pools. 

Keep the stone away from the hard substance, as it rates between 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale hardness. The harsh substance can cause cracks and scratches to the stone. Also, store it properly while not wearing it. You can keep it in a separate box so that it doesn’t come in contact with other stones. 

The owner can keep the gem under the moon on the full moon day to get the energies of the moon. Then, the stone would be recharged again and will show its effect again with vital energy.    


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