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10 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

Image from Pexels

It’s critical to take your personality and way of living into account before you adopt a cat. Do you regularly travel, attend social events in the evenings, or work full-time? If this describes you, you should choose an independent, fuss-free cat. Keep on reading to see more things you need to consider!


Please don’t adopt a cat, or any pet, because you are bored or just looking for some come company. All these feelings are temporary, but getting a pet is a huge responsibility. Cats can live up to 20 years, so there’s no escaping this responsibility either.

There’s a lot of research you must do before adoption as well. Be it the type of cat you’re getting or the type and frequency of food they need. Every vacation and work trip you plan now needs to be very well planned to ensure your cat is still taken care of.


They don’t need constant bathing, and they learn to use the litter very fast as well. However, cat claws and fur are factors that you need to consider. Cats have claws that they love to use but can seriously either hurt you or destroy your furniture. Ensure you regularly brush your cat’s fur, so it doesn’t shed all around the hose. Ensure you’re regularly trimming your cats’ claws, too, so they can still enjoy their playtime and your household objects or children can stay safe.

Vet Visits

Like your child needs regular doctor visits, so does your pet. Make sure to attend regular appointments to stay on top of any illnesses or health factors that may develop in your cat over time.


Cats love their freedom. They might not be the happiest if you always plan to keep your cat indoors. If you have a garden, allowing them to take a stroll outside enables their hunting instinct, and they will do well in the sunlight.


It goes along with the previous point. Cats love to roam around outside. If you allow your cat to do, ensure you have taken some safety precautions. These can be in the form of safety precautions. Add a cat collar with their name, home address, or phone number, so anyone else can help and get it back to you if it’s ever lost.


Not everyone reacts well to pets. People are allergic to cat fur. It would be best if you did research beforehand. It isn’t intelligent to realize you have an allergy after you’ve got a cat, and now it has to be placed back into a shelter because proper research wasn’t done on your part.


Have you thought about whether your cat might need another friend? Especially if you have a kitten, think of adding another cat to the equation.


If a kitten is brought up with another adult cat, it will learn how to use a modern cat litter box through observation. However, if you’re raising it independently, it might need some extra hands, but it will learn quickly.


Pet insurance can be an excellent decision regarding any expected medical care required for your little friend. Don’t be in a position where you can’t afford to support and help your cat.


Is your home cat proofed? Cats love to scratch surfaces! Get a scratching post to secure all the other items in your home. Cats also love to jump around. If you have a kitten, ensure you have some towers protecting them from heights or staircases, so they do not get hurt.

How to Prepare Your Home

When you add an animal to the mix, you also want to ensure your house smells and looks clean. Another requirement is to confirm that any cleansers or scents you employ are safe for cats. Some well-known scents incredibly hazardous for cats include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, citrus, and cinnamon. Many health issues may arise from prolonged exposure.

Plants are no different. Many common plants, including poinsettias and monstera, are hazardous for cats. Make sure you either get rid of items completely or store them somewhere your cat won’t ever be able to get them. Cats are excellent at infiltrating locations you would not want them to.


How do I know if I am ready to adopt?

Cats are a lifelong responsibility. Make a foster home for a cat for a little while. Some shelters allow fostering, or you ask your friend if you can cat-sit! This way, you’ll prepare.

How much do cats cost?

If you are adopted, the cat may not cost anything. However, regular vet visits, litter boxes, toys, and treatments can be pricey. You might want to check out some pet insurance options.

How long do cats take to train?

Kittens are easy to train, especially if there’s an adult cat around them, and they learn by practice and instinct over time.

Can I get a cat if I have kids?

If you ensure none of your children have any allergies, your kids will be OK!


Cats are wonderful companions. They can curl up in your bed and are much quieter than dogs, which can help you unwind after a demanding day. You should know these things if you’re considering acquiring a cat before you decide. And now you’re a lot smarter!