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Best Environments That Facilitate Early Learning In Canberra

Early learning and professional child care is the best start in life and enhances early childhood development in the most positive way.

If you’re looking for the best child care in Canberra and what they should has to offer, both you and your child,  here are some key things to note when searching for an early education learning centers so you make the right choice.

 Table of Contents

  • Take a Tour Of the Centre Before Enrolment
  • View a Copy Of the Curriculum
  • Choose a Centre That Offers a School Readiness Program 
  • Does the Centre Follow the Early Years Learning Framework?
  • Are Nutritional Meals Provided?
  • The Takeaway

Take a Tour Of the Centre Before Enrolment

The best way to get a good feel for whether a particular child care centre will be a good fit is to visit the centre in person.

For starters, look out for things like:

  • the condition of the rooms
  • cleanliness, the layout
  • Security
  • what activities the children are engaged in
  • whether everyone who works there seems positive and friendly 
  • whether the kids are happy and content

Regardless of the curriculum they have in place for early learning and development; it is important to gauge whether the environment is going to be a positive experience for your child!

Before visiting child care centres, you might want to have a look at Kids Club’s Safety Checklist in Childcare for Parents! They have an easy to follow checklist covering everything you’d want to ensure a childcare centre in Canberra has. 

View a Copy Of the Curriculum

The next step is to know more about what they teach at the facility and what kind of activities your child will participate in.

Quality child care centres in Canberra will have curriculums designed with the children’s ages in mind rather than adopting a blanket approach to early education and childhood development. They may also have specific rooms designated to cater for different age groups.

If you’re visiting the centre in person, ask to see a copy of the curriculum and then voice any questions or concerns you may have. Alternatively, you can often find details of an early learning centre’s curriculum on its website.

Choose a Centre That Offers a School Readiness Program

While just about all activities at a child care centre help to prepare children for the primary school years, a school readiness program focuses on specific points to ensure children are well-prepared for school, with a grounding in academic basics, developing social and communication skills and that kids are full of self-confidence.

A childcare with school readiness program is considered to have major benefits on children in early education, so it’s something you may want to keep in mind.

Does the Centre Follow the Early Years Learning Framework?

Also abbreviated as EYLF, the Early Years Learning Framework is a guide for early education providers in Australia to follow. EYLF helps ensure your child receives the best learning and developmental experiences in a positive environment.

When an early education centre adheres to the guidelines of EYLF, the following outcomes are the result:

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  3. Children have a strong sense of well-being
  4. Children are confident and involved learners
  5. Children are effective communicators

So, why should parents care about EYLF?

EYLF forms the very basis for child care and early education. By following EYLF guidelines, educators can maximise the learning potential for children and provide a foundation for their future success.

Are Nutritional Meals Provided?

Does the centre provide meals? If so, are they nutritional or prepared by qualified chefs?

Ideally, menus will focus on creating yummy food that kids will not only love and but will also have high nutritional value. If your child has special dietary requirements, these should also be catered for.

It’s important that kids learn about good nutrition at an early age and a quality child care centre will focus on this.

The Takeaway

Making the right decision when choosing an early education centre is important to a lot of parents and not something you’ll want to rush into, but it can definitely be challenging

For quality child care, Canberra offers some excellent options, but you the points in this guide can help you be more confident you’ve found the right centre for you and your child.