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weekend trip to the lake with baby

What to Pack For a Weekend At the Lake With Baby

Where will you be staying? Will you be renting a house, or camping out in your car or RV? You may want to pack different things depending on the kind of accommodations you have. For this trip, we’ll assume that you’re renting a house near the lake, and have access to electricity and kitchen facilities. Because of this, we can assume that we can bring some comforts of home. Here are some of the things I suggest packing for your baby on your weekend trip to the lake with baby!


Convenient transport

A lightweight, easy fold stroller and a baby carrier for newborns and older babies are must-haves to take baby along. Whether your infant prefers to ride or stroll, you can rest assured that they’ll have plenty of room in these durable and comfy seats. And, if you’re bringing toys along for entertainment during down time at The Lake, stow them away inside of a small toy bin or picnic basket. A touch of organization will make things easier once you arrive at your destination!


Familiar bedding

Packing familiar bedding can make baby feel at home so that bedtime isn’t hard. Whether you’re camping in a tent or staying in an RV, bring along your baby’s familiar blankets and stuffed animals. They’ll remind her of home and help her relax and get ready for sleep. For example, if she’s used to sleeping on a quilt at nap times, has some great options so that you can have one for home and one for travel. Be sure to break it in a week or two before heading out so that she can get used to it. Don’t forget comfort toys that aren’t stuffed animals, like teething rings!


Durable Diaper bag

An organized diaper bag that’s durable is a must when traveling anywhere with baby, so make sure you have a bag that can fit all of your needs. Pick out easy-to-carry handles for easy transportation. You’ll want one with multiple compartments, plenty of pockets, and storage options such as this diaper bag has — and don’t forget about accessories like changing pads!


Swimming suit

Obviously, if you have a baby that is just learning how to swim, a swimsuit with rash guard and SPF is best for at-the-lake activities. A secure swim diaper, towels, and water shoes are also good ideas for baby. Be sure that baby’s head remains well covered; sun exposure is more intense on water bodies like lakes and rivers than on land surfaces. No matter what, you should bring at least one extra set of clothes for your little one—babies can easily get wet or develop rashes from lake water.


Weather change clothing

We can only control so much, but we can at least make sure that we pack a little bit of everything. Going out on a lake trip is sure to have its challenges, but planning and packing in advance will help minimize any stress that might accompany unanticipated weather. Packing for unforeseen weather is very important for baby and mother! It’s always a good idea to pack light and versatile items like leggings, t-shirts, one of your coziest women’s fleece jackets, and sweaters. This type of layering works especially well if you don’t know what you’ll be getting into during your time away from home. Like other moms would say, it’s better to be prepared than sorry!


Beach toys

Always bring a few toys and some food. Beach toys are important to pack to keep baby entertained, engaged, and memorable. As well as your favorite beach towel and perhaps even an inflatable ring for baby to play in at bath time later.


Food and snacks for baby

​​Once baby starts solids, snacks are a great way to keep them from being homesick. It’s also important to pack some familiar food items in case they’re needed. Be sure to include healthy treats that they’ve already tried and loved, like teething crackers or berries. Just remember to wash them thoroughly and pack them in a snack-size bag so they don’t get crushed. If you have time, pick up a few small jars of baby food at your local grocery store; it’s comforting for baby to have a familiar taste of home during their first trip away from it. Be sure to bring your pump if you’re breastfeeding, formula and a bottle warmer to make life easy.


Medications, SPF, and toiletries

Medications, SPF, toiletries, and first aid kits must be packed for baby’s trip to the lake. There’s no need to go overboard with packing for your infant at first, just make sure to bring along any necessary medications and toiletries for your little one. If you’re not sure what’s necessary for packing on a trip like yours, ask your pediatrician and do some research on common issues that arise from traveling with infants. It’s also good to pack enough diapers and wipes so that you’re prepared in case you run out while away from home.

You are all packed for your weekend trip! That was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Don’t forget to enjoy your trip! While you’re there, remember that staying hydrated is key—make sure you have plenty of water with you. If you feel like your baby is getting dehydrated during the day (or before bedtime), make sure they get some Pedialyte or another rehydration drink.