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5 Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

The world has advanced technologically, and many games are often played electronically. Scrabble, chess, and even board games are now online, and many people slowly forget the feel of classic games. Also, with hectic schedules, people barely have the time to play games with their loved ones anymore. However, it suffices to note that jigsaw puzzles entertain and have several benefits for your health. 

Jigsaw puzzles give you an awesome opportunity to bond with your kids and parents. In addition, they are the perfect way to reduce your screen time which has adverse effects on your eyes and health. 

From helping growing kids improve their cognitive abilities to improving the memories of older adults, Australian jigsaw puzzles are a great pastime. Here are five benefits of jigsaw puzzles.

They Improve Visual-spatial Reasoning and Your IQ

Visual-spatial reasoning is important for driving, dancing, maps, and even packing. When you play jigsaw puzzles, you look at different puzzle pieces and try to place them where they belong. Regular playing of jigsaw puzzles in Australia can help you improve your visual-spatial reasoning. 

Likewise, according to University of Michigan researchers, when you spend at least 25 minutes each day solving riddles or jigsaw puzzles, your IQ is likely to increase by 4 points. Dr Susanne Jäggi led this research.

Improves Your Memory

Another benefit of solving jigsaw puzzles in Australia is that it may strengthen the connections of neurons. As a result of this, it also fosters new connections generation. When new neural connections are generated, you think faster. 

For instance, when you pick up puzzle pieces, you carefully look at the puzzle board to see where the puzzle piece fits. You look at shapes and colours and even visualise the image to get the right spot for the puzzle pieces. Constantly exercising the part of your brain responsible for storing information improves short-term memory and aids memory retention.

Helps You Live Long and Healthy 

According to research, solving puzzles can improve your health. For example, jigsaw puzzles help reduce memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Also, according to a recent publication in the Archives of Neurology, if you’re regularly solving jigsaw puzzles, you can reduce plaque buildup associated with Alzheimer’s. 

From the study, the brain scans of people ages 75 years and 25 years were examined by researchers. The study showed that 75-year-olds engaged in jigsaw puzzles had similar brain scans to 25-year-olds. Therefore, you can keep your brain young and healthy when solving jigsaw puzzles. 

Relieve Stress While Spending Time with Your Family

One reason people love jigsaw puzzles is that they are family games. They allow for bonding with your family while stimulating your brain. Also, leaving jigsaw puzzles on the family table can propel your kids to eat at the table and work on the puzzle.

Additionally, jigsaw puzzles are great for teens and young adults. If your teen isn’t opening up to you, playing jigsaw puzzles together is an avenue to spark up some conversations. 

Also, you can use jigsaw puzzles to de-stress after a hectic day. It allows you to relax while stimulating your brain. Also, using jigsaw puzzles to relieve stress can help to lower your blood pressure and heart rate. 

Better Mood and Increased Productivity

When you’re solving jigsaw puzzles, your brain increases dopamine production, thus, elevating your mood. Dopamine is a hormone responsible for optimism and the regulation of mood. Likewise, dopamine also affects concentration, learning, motivation, and memory. So, each time we complete the jigsaw puzzle, we become excited and encouraged to take on more challenges. 

Furthermore, when you’re happier, focusing on tasks is easy. When you’re more focused, you concentrate better. Therefore, if you notice you’re not being productive or slow, take a short break and solve some jigsaw puzzles. You’re resetting your brain and giving yourself a fresh start by doing this. 

To Wrap It Up

If you’re looking for a break from technology or seeking to reboot and de-stress, solve some jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles can help elevate your mood, decrease your heart rate, boost your creativity, etc. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a jigsaw puzzle. They are inexpensive and make a perfect gift idea for puzzlers, whether beginners or veterans.